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-====== Bryants ====== 
-Bryant's Cocktail Lounge 
-1579 S. 9th St. 
-(414) 383-2620 
-Don't ask the kindly waitresses at Bryant's for a menu of their tall, icy beverages. Instead, tell them the flavor you savor, and these knowledgeable and very courteous ladies will list off all of the bar's many unique cocktails. Looking for a flaming, purple drink? Then you've come to the right place. Ask for the Black Magic. 
-Maybe even darker than At Random, Bryant's has two floors of dimly lit, '70s nostalgia. A large tropical fish tank lines the bar downstairs, and upstairs looks like the set of "The Love Boat." The juke box plays Sinatra and the standards, and sitting in one of the bar's several curved booths, it's easy to start doing tipsy Godfather impressions. 
-For adventure-seekers: get Brainbusted at Bryant's. We don't know what's in this large drink, but it's yellow, citrus-flavored and very strong. One isn't enough, but two is far too many. If you drink one, you even get a bumper sticker, but slapping it on your car may not be the wisest idea. 
-Most unusual artifact in the bar: the napkins. They read, "In excellent taste for those who care." What does that mean? Does it mean, "This place is in excellent taste, FYI?" Or does it mean, "For those who care about excellent taste, you've come to the right place?" Either way, Bryant's is a Milwaukee landmark and a great time, but there's not a whole lot there that could be considered "in excellent taste." 
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