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-====== Jeff Zavada ======+====== Jeff Zavada #54 ======
-  * **Position:** \\+  * **Position:** Forward \\
   * **Height:** 6'9"\\   * **Height:** 6'9"\\
-  * **Weight:** \\ +  * **Weight:** 215\\ 
-  * **Birthdate:** \\+  * **Birthdate:** August 8, 1971\\
   * **Hometown:** Stevens Point, WI\\   * **Hometown:** Stevens Point, WI\\
-  * **High School:** Stevens Point Area Senior H.S.\\+  * **High School:** Pacelli H.S.\\
 ===== High School Career ===== ===== High School Career =====
 +Jeff averaged 18 points and nine rebounds as a junior and played on three state tournament teams for Greg Wendort at Pacelli.  His lay-up lob pass with five seconds left, gave the Cardinals a 61-59 victory over Marathon to win the 1989 Sentry Classic Holiday Championship.  Zavada averaged 23.8 points and 9.9 rebounds during his senior year at Pacelli and was selected to play in the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association All-Star games the following summer.
 +=== Accolades ===
 +  *1987-88 Central Catholic Conference Player of the Year
 +  *1988-89 Central Catholic Conference Player of the Year
 +  *1988-89 AP All-State Second Team
-===== Marquette Career =====+===== Collegiate Career ===== 
 +Zavada was recruited by Bob Dukiet, but Kevin O'Neill honored Dukiet's scholarship offer to Zavada, when he was hired at Marquette.  
-Zavada was recruited by Bob Dukietbut Kevin O'Neill honored Dukiet'scholarship offer to Zavadawhen he was hired at Marquette.  Zavada saw limited playing time in two seasons, before transferring to UW-Green Bay.+=== 1989-90 === 
 +Jeff saw action in nine games, for a total of 27 minutes, with seven of those minutes against [[Morgan State]].  For the season, Jeff hit on two of four field goals and grabbed five rebounds..  He scored points against [[DePaul]] and [[Evansville]] and played four minutes in the MCC tournament game against [[Evansville]] at Dayton. 
 +=== 1990-91 === 
 +The arrival of [[Damon Key]] and [[Jim McIlvaine]] dimmed Zavada's prospects of contributing on the court and after two seasons with the Warriorshe decided to transfer to Dick Bennett's program at [[UW-Green Bay]].  Zavada would have his revenge against MU, as he would later help lead the Phoenix to victory over Marquette in Milwaukee.\\ 
 +//[[Kevin O'Neill]] on Zavada//- "Jeff is probably the most improved player on the team.  He worked very hard last year over the summer.  He can play inside and outside, more of an inside player who will help us on the boards and become a tough inside defender for us." 
 +===== Personal ===== 
 +Jeff'nicknames were "Z" and "Z-licious."  His favorite NBA player is Larry Bird and his favorite NBA team is the Celtics.  His ideal place to vacation is the South Pacific and his favorite foods are lobster and prime rib.  His pasttimes including divingyachting and fish aquariums.  His top high school highlight was shatterinig a backboard with a dunk during the last home game of his senior year.  His parents are Gary and Mary Ann Zavada and his major at Marquette was Business Administration.
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