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 **Hometown:** South Milwaukee, WI\\ **Hometown:** South Milwaukee, WI\\
 **High School:** Racine [[Prairie H.S.]]\\ **High School:** Racine [[Prairie H.S.]]\\
 ===== High School Career ===== ===== High School Career =====
 +Dudley was team MVP for three seasons and captain as a junior and senior at Racine's Prairie School.
 +He received numerous accolades over his prep career: All-Racine (two years); All-State (one year); and All-American (one year).
 +Also, he broke [[Jim Chones]]'s Racine prep career scoring mark as Racine's three-time scoring leader.
 +As a senior, Dudley averaged 24 points and 16 rebounds; 24 points and 14 rebounds as a junior; and 23 points and 15 rebounds as a sophomore.
 +Dudley was also talented as a tennis player, winning numerous prep tennis tournaments and was the runnerup in number two singles in the state meet. He planned to play tennis for Marquette as well.
 +Before committing to Michigan State, he had considered offers from Marquette, Wisconsin, and Duke.
 ===== Collegiate Career ===== ===== Collegiate Career =====
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