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 ====== John Bryant #21 ====== ====== John Bryant #21 ======
- +{{  men_s_basketball:​bryant1.jpg|}} 
-**Position:​** \\ +**Position:​** ​Forward\\ 
-**Height:** \\ +**Height:​** ​6'​7"​\\ 
-**Weight:** \\+**Weight:​** ​190 lbs.\\
 **Born:** \\ **Born:** \\
-**Hometown:​** \\ +**Hometown:​** ​Aurora, IL\\ 
-**High School:** \\+**High School:​** ​[[Aurora West H.S.]]\\ 
 +===== High School Career ===== 
 +As a senior, Bryant averaged 14 points and 12 rebounds a game. He also led his team to a 30-3 record and third place in the Illinois State Tournament. 
 +In the last three games of the season, he faced three All-State players and held them to a combined total of 31 points. Elgin'​s 7-foot All-State center, Jeff Wilkens, scored only 29 points against Bryant in three games. 
 +[[Al McGuire]] called him "one of the best defensive ballplayers we've recruited at Marquette."​ 
 +Bryant also received offers from North Carolina State, Michigan and Illinois. 
 +===== Marquette Career =====

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