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 ====== L.C. Morgan ====== ====== L.C. Morgan ======
 {{  men_s_basketball:morgan.jpg|}} {{  men_s_basketball:morgan.jpg|}}
-**Position:** Guard\\+**Position:** Guard/Forward\\
 **Height:** \\ **Height:** \\
 **Weight:** \\ **Weight:** \\
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 ===== Marquette Career ===== ===== Marquette Career =====
 +Whatever ability Morgan lacked in caging the ball was accounted for by his remarkable defensive work.  He was exceptionally good in that line and being of robust physique and quick of action, was hard to guard.  Morgan has the necessary qualities of a forward and guard combined and another year under Coach Murray's tutlage should make him a main factor in the 1922 quintet.
 +{{  men_s_basketball:morgan1.jpg|}}
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