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-====== Pat Duffy #13 ====== 
-**Position:** Guard\\ 
-**Height:** 6'0"\\ 
-**Weight:** 170 lbs.\\ 
-**Birthdate:** May 23, 1979\\ 
-**Hometown:** Brookfield, WI\\ 
-**High School:** [[Wauwatosa East H.S.]]\\ 
-===== High School Career ===== 
-Duffy was a two-year starter at Tosa East High School and a two-time All-Woodland Conference honoree.  East won the Woodland Conference in his junior and senior seasons, going 17-5 during his junior campaign.  He averaged 10.2 points and 6 assists as a senior, leading the Red Raiders to the semifinals of the Wisconsin Division 1 State Tournament.  The team finished 25-1, with the only loss coming in the state semifinal game.  Pat earned honorable mention on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel all-area team, following his senior campaign.   
-===== Marquette Career ===== 
-Pat was a walk-on. 
-=== Accolades === 
-  *1998-99 Conference USA Commissioner's Honor Roll 
-  *2000-01 Conference USA Commissioner's Honor Roll 
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