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-===== Tim Blair ===== 
-===== Did You Know ===== 
-  *Blair was a co-creator of 
-  *Tim was at one time a very successful ventriloquist, which he used to help defray costs of attending Marquette 
-  *Tim is the eldest of twelve children, and grew up in a nomadic lifestyle that took his family around different surfing locations in the world 
-  *Tim Blair once got into a swearing argument with Kevin O'Neill.  O'Neill lost. 
-  *In his spare time, Tim likes to teach pre-school children to play poker.  He is building an army of fearsome poker savants.  Tim is only mediocre at poker. 
-  *Tim was the inspiration for the Chuck Norris fact generator 
-  *Tim once gave some shot-blocking pointers to Jim McIlvaine.  The rest is history. 
-  *Tim found the final crystal skull 
-  *Tim's middle name is Gazpacho 
-  *Tim knows how to foxtrot and some basics of a waltz, but he CANNOT Samba 
-  *Tim took his talents to South Beach 
-  *Tim is a Mama Grizzly 
-  *Tim helped transplant the Joan of Arc chapel.  Brick by brick. 
-  *Tim once crapped in a towel.  Wait, that was Rick Majerus. 
-  *Due to mysterious circumstances from a business trip, Tim is no longer allowed inside the FC Barcelona museum 
-  *Among the truly hardcore, P90x is called P90TimBlair 
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