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 ====== 2006-2007 Cross Country Rosters ====== ====== 2006-2007 Cross Country Rosters ======
-  * Head Coach: Dave Uhrich +  * Head Coach: ​[[Dave Uhrich]] [[http://​​sports/​c-xc/​mtt/​uhrich_dave00.html|MU Bio]] 
-  * Graduate Assistant: Ellen Koranda +  * Graduate Assistant: ​[[Ellen Koranda]] 
-  * Student Coach: Brennan Feldhausen ​+  * Student Coach: ​[[Brennan Feldhausen]]
 ===== Men ===== ===== Men =====
 |Name|Year|Elig.|Hometown |(High School)| |Name|Year|Elig.|Hometown |(High School)|
-|Steve Briggs|SO|SO|Plymouth,​ Wis. |(Plymouth)| +|[[Steve Briggs]]|SO|SO|Plymouth,​ Wis. |(Plymouth)| 
-|Chris Cebula|SO|FR|DeKalb,​ Ill. |(DeKalb)| +|[[Chris Cebula]]|SO|FR|DeKalb,​ Ill. |(DeKalb)| 
-|Brice Cleland|FR|FR|Indianapolis,​ Ind. |(Pike)| +|[[Brice Cleland]]|FR|FR|Indianapolis,​ Ind. |(Pike)| 
-|Drew Craig|SO|SO|Cedar Rapids, Ia. |(John F. Kennedy)| +|[[Drew Craig]]|SO|SO|Cedar Rapids, Ia. |(John F. Kennedy)| 
-|Brent Des Roches|SR|SR|Dayton,​ Ohio |(Northmont)| +|[[Brent Des Roches]]|SR|SR|Dayton,​ Ohio |(Northmont)| 
-|Kurt Keuter|JR|SO|Dubuque,​ Iowa |(Dubuque)| +|[[Kurt Keuter]]|JR|SO|Dubuque,​ Iowa |(Dubuque)| 
-|Andrew Lelinski|SR|SR|West Allis, Wis. |(Marquette)| +|[[Andrew Lelinski]]|SR|SR|West Allis, Wis. |(Marquette)| 
-|Eric Meissner|SO|FR|Camarillo,​ Calif. |(Oaks Christian)| +|[[Eric Meissner]]|SO|FR|Camarillo,​ Calif. |(Oaks Christian)| 
-|Cody Miles|JR|SO|Colgate,​ Wis. |(Sussex Hamilton)| +|[[Cody Miles]]|JR|SO|Colgate,​ Wis. |(Sussex Hamilton)| 
-|Scott Mueller|JR|JR|Brookfield,​ Wis. |(Brookfield Central)| +|[[Scott Mueller]]|JR|JR|Brookfield,​ Wis. |(Brookfield Central)| 
-|Josh Pinter|JR|JR|Sussex,​ Wis. |(Sussex Hamilton)| +|[[Josh Pinter]]|JR|JR|Sussex,​ Wis. |(Sussex Hamilton)| 
-|Kyle Saginus|JR|SO|Lockport,​ Ill. |(Lockport)| +|[[Kyle Saginus]]|JR|SO|Lockport,​ Ill. |(Lockport)| 
-|Tommy Schmitz|SR|SR|Mineral Point, Wis. |(Mineral Point)| +|[[Tommy Schmitz]]|SR|SR|Mineral Point, Wis. |(Mineral Point)| 
-|Jeremy Williams|SR|SR|Lockport,​ Ill. |(Lockport Township)|+|[[Jeremy Williams]]|SR|SR|Lockport,​ Ill. |(Lockport Township)|
 ===== Women ===== ===== Women =====
 |Name|Year|Elig.|Hometown|(High School)| |Name|Year|Elig.|Hometown|(High School)|
-|Amanda Beggs|FR|FR|Frankfort,​ Ill.|(Lincoln Way East)| +|[[Amanda Beggs]]|FR|FR|Frankfort,​ Ill.|(Lincoln Way East)| 
-|Nicole Burr|FR|FR|Onalaska,​ Wis. |(Onalaska)| +|[[Nicole Burr]]|FR|FR|Onalaska,​ Wis. |(Onalaska)| 
-|Kaitlyn Chambers|JR|JR|Westlake,​ Ohio |(Magnificat)| +|[[Kaitlyn Chambers]]|JR|JR|Westlake,​ Ohio |(Magnificat)| 
-|Michaela Courtney|SR|SR|Dodgeville,​ Wis. |(Dodgeville)| +|[[Michaela Courtney]]|SR|SR|Dodgeville,​ Wis. |(Dodgeville)| 
-|Jayne Grebinski|FR|FR| Regina,​ Saskatchewan |(Sheldon Williams Collegiate)| +|[[Jayne Grebinski]]|FR|FR| Regina,​ Saskatchewan |(Sheldon Williams Collegiate)| 
-|Nina Hoppenjan|SR|JR|Kieler,​ Wis. |(Dubuque Wahlert)| +|[[Nina Hoppenjan]]|SR|JR|Kieler,​ Wis. |(Dubuque Wahlert)| 
-|Maureen Keane|FR|FR|Winona,​ Minn. |(Winona Cotter)| +|[[Maureen Keane]]|FR|FR|Winona,​ Minn. |(Winona Cotter)| 
-|Colleen Kuenster|SR|JR|Wheaton,​ Ill. |(Wheaton North)| +|[[Colleen Kuenster]]|SR|JR|Wheaton,​ Ill. |(Wheaton North)| 
-|Heidi Lindeman|SR|SR|Coon Rapids, Iowa |(Coon Rapids)| +|[[Heidi Lindeman]]|SR|SR|Coon Rapids, Iowa |(Coon Rapids)| 
-|Shannon Oster|SR|JR|Cedar Rapids, Iowa |(Washington)| +|[[Shannon Oster]]|SR|JR|Cedar Rapids, Iowa |(Washington)| 
-|Dani Owen|FR|FR|Stratford,​ Wis. |(Stratford)| +|[[Dani Owen]]|FR|FR|Stratford,​ Wis. |(Stratford)| 
-|Cassie Peller|JR|JR|Valparaiso,​ Ind. |(Chesterton)| +|[[Cassie Peller]]|JR|JR|Valparaiso,​ Ind. |(Chesterton)| 
-|Elizabeth Pollard|JR|JR|Menomonee Falls, Wis. |(Divine Savior-Holy Angels)| +|[[Elizabeth Pollard]]|JR|JR|Menomonee Falls, Wis. |(Divine Savior-Holy Angels)| 
-|Anna Weber|FR|FR|Michigan City, Ind. |(Michigan City)|+|[[Anna Weber]]|FR|FR|Michigan City, Ind. |(Michigan City)|

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