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What's a Jesuit?

Sure, they wear the black shirt and white collar of clergy, but they are a little different from your parish priest. They're Marquette Jesuits and they have a 120-year track record of bringing academic excellence to Milwaukee. You'll see them on campus teaching classes or living in your res hall. They'll ask you tough questions about your beliefs and your world. They'll encourage you to demand more of yourself. They'll teach you that a world of experience and action is nothing without reflection. They'll show you how to find God in all things, and the faith and justice that come through service. Most of all, they will help you Be The Difference.

Jesuit Spirituality

Faith and spirituality are an important part of life at Marquette. As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, we provide an environment that fosters spiritual growth in people of all faiths — through religious services, community service, and personal and group retreats. Students, faculty and staff find opportunities to develop spiritually through conversations about things that matter — faith, God, social justice, a search for truth, the desire for peace. To learn more about spiritual resources available at Marquette, visit…

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