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-====== 1979/1980 Season ====== 
-{{ men_s_basketball:​mu79-80_cover_w.jpg|}} 
-Coach: [[Hank Raymonds]]\\ 
-Marquette makes the NCAA's expanded field as a 9 seed. 
-==== Season review ==== 
-The Warriors finished at 18 wins and 9 losses, breaking their string of 13 consecutive 20-victory seasons. ​ But the 18 wins were good enough to secure their tenth consecutive NCAA bid.  However, they lost to Villanova in the first round, 77-59. 
-The Warriors started captain [[Robert Byrd]], [[Oliver Lee]], [[Michael Wilson]], [[Sam Worthen]] and [[Terrell Schlundt]], the lone recruit. ​ The supporting cast featured [[Artie Green]], [[Tony Davis]], [[Larry Hatchett]], [[Dean Marquardt]] and [[Greg Shimon]]. ​ 
-[[Oliver Lee]] topped the scorers at 15.9 points per game, Robert Byrd was the top rebounder with 269, and Sam Worthen filled the role of playmaker, leading the team with 175 assists. 
-The highlight of the season may have occured in Madison as the Warriors took on Duke, one of the top-ranked teams in the country. ​ Marquette rode a 12-7 record into the game, but to the astonishment of many, opened a 19-point lead, blew it, and still defeated the Blue Devils 80-77. ​ 
-===== NCAA Tournament Results ===== 
-Marquettes Seed: 9 
-^Round^ Opponent^ Score^ 
-|1st Round |Villanova|L,​ 77-59| 

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