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-====== Frank Murray ====== 
-Frank Murray, the winningest football coach in Marquette history, became recognized as one of the great teachers of the game. He guided Marquette’s unbeaten football teams in 1922, ’23 and 1930. His 1936 Hilltoppers played in the first Cotton Bowl game. His 90-32-6 record at Marquette attracted the University of Virginia and they lured him to Charlottesville in 1937. He compiled a 41-34-5 with the Cavaliers and returned to Milwaukee in 1946 where he coached at Marquette until 1949. Coach Murray was one of the pioneers of the huddle and the spread formation. He was elected to the National Football Foundation’s College Football Hall of Fame in 1993.  
-He also coached basketball at Marquette from 1920-29 and compiled a record of 94-73 (56.3%). His best season came in the 1922-23 campaign, when the team finished with a 19-2 record.  
-Frank was inducted into Marquette's Hall of Fame in 1991. 
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