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 == All-Time Junior Season Rankings == == All-Time Junior Season Rankings ==
   *5th, Scoring Average (20.5)   *5th, Scoring Average (20.5)
-  *6th, Field Goal Percentage (min. 250 att.) (51.6%)+  *7th, Field Goal Percentage (min. 250 att.) (51.6%)
   *5th, Rebounding Average (11.9)   *5th, Rebounding Average (11.9)
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 [[| Jim Chones' NBA Stats]] [[| Jim Chones' NBA Stats]]
 ===== Personal ===== ===== Personal =====
 +Jim's daughter, [[|Kareeda Chones]], played for the Marquette women's basketball team.
 +Another daughter, Kaayla, starred collegiately for the North Carolina State Lady Wolfpack basketball team. She has played for the WNBA's Washington Mystics, Seattle Storm, and Los Angeles Sparks. For the past four seasons, Kaayla has been playing overseas for teams in Hungary, Spain, France, and Italy. [[|Kaayla's WNBA Career Stats]]
 +Chones also has triplet sons: Kendall, a former Colgate standout, is in his first year of playing professional basketball for Hertener Loewen in the German Bundesliga ([[|Kendall's Colgate bio]]);  Kyle, also a former Colgate player, is waiting to be placed on a European hoops team ([[|Chones Gang Makes Colgate Dangrous]]); and Kameron, a former Brown University player, is now a financial consultant with Smith/Barney Financials in Cleveland Ohio ([[|Kameron's Brown U. bio]]). 
 He has his own website: He has his own website:
 +[[|Choneses Keeping Up Tradition, USA Today, 2/5/2005]]
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