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Marquette Club Ultimate Frisbee


The Marquette Ultimate Frisbee Club was founded in the fall of 2000. Shortly before becoming an official organization, a small group of “founders” recruited over 150 Marquette students that were interested in playing the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

Following a few tumultuous beginning years the team has taken off these last few seasons. The team celebrated its first regional victory over the Carleton GOP in the 2006 UPA Regional. Ever since then the team has taken off and received much more respect among the Ultimate community. The men’s team has been performing very well in tournaments taking 2nd place at FallOut 2006 in Urbana Champaign, and HighTide 2007 in Savannah, GA. The team won its first tournament in 2007 at the SPINout Tournament in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

The team finished the 2007 season ranked 55th in the nation out of 459 teams.

For the 2007-2008 season the team looks poised to go further in the UPA tournament than ever before. With veteran leadership, and tons of young talent this could be by far the most successful year for Marquette Ultimate


The team practices twice a week at the “prestigious” King’s Field which is just North of Highland Ave. This is also the practice location of the Marquette Men’s Rugby Team.

Scheduled Tournaments

September 21-23 Kalamazoo, MI, Wampus Open Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

September 29-30 Whitewater, WI, Hucktoberfest Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

October 12-14 Naperville, IL, Glory Days Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

October 17-21 Eau Claire, WI, Eau Claire Chillout Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

October 27-29, Winona, Minnesota, Hallowinona Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

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