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 ===== Tim Blair ===== ===== Tim Blair =====
 {{men_s_basketball:timblair1.jpg|}} {{men_s_basketball:timblair1.jpg|}}
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   *Tim was the inspiration for the Chuck Norris fact generator   *Tim was the inspiration for the Chuck Norris fact generator
   *Tim once gave some shot-blocking pointers to Jim McIlvaine.  The rest is history.   *Tim once gave some shot-blocking pointers to Jim McIlvaine.  The rest is history.
 +  *Tim found the final crystal skull
 +  *Tim's middle name is Gazpacho
 +  *Tim knows how to foxtrot and some basics of a waltz, but he CANNOT Samba
 +  *Tim took his talents to South Beach
 +  *Tim is a Mama Grizzly
 +  *Tim helped transplant the Joan of Arc chapel.  Brick by brick.
 +  *Tim once crapped in a towel.  Wait, that was Rick Majerus.
 +  *Due to mysterious circumstances from a business trip, Tim is no longer allowed inside the FC Barcelona museum
 +  *Among the truly hardcore, P90x is called P90TimBlair
 +  *Tim test drives Renault Formula One cars at a racing track near Leningrad
 +  *Tim once held a five-year-old tiger's head as scientists put a collar with a satellite tracker on the animal
 +  *Tim discovered two pieces of archaeological trophies while diving near an archeological excavation of an ancient Greek port on the Taman Peninsula
 +  *Tim hired Yana Lapikova, an attractive former model and "Miss Moscow" finalist, as a personal photographer.  Lapikova decided to work for free
 +  *Tim can bend a frying pan with his bare hands
 +  *Tim received a Bulgarian shepherd dog as a present from Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boiko Borisov
 +  *Tim rides horseback and shirtless in Siberia
 +  *Tim shot a whale with a crossbow, and then celebrated that evening by playing the piano during a charity event
 +  *Tim gave some tips to the leader of the Night Wolves biker group, and gave him a new nickname of The Surgeon.
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