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-====== 1972/1973 Season ====== +====== 1972-73 Season ====== 
-Coach: Al McGuire\\ +Coach: [[Al McGuire]]\\ 
-Finished the season with a win in the regional 3rd place game of the NCAA Tournament. +Captain: [[Allie McGuire]]\\ 
-===== NCAA Tournament Results ===== +Leading Scorer: [[Larry McNeill]] (17.6 ppg)\\ 
-^Round^ Opponent^ Score+Leading Rebounder: [[Maurice Lucas]] (10.9 rpg)\\ 
-|1st Round |Miami-OH|W77-62| + 
-|2nd Round| Indiana|L, 75- 69| +Notre Dame's 71-69 victory over Marquette on January 13th ended an 81-game home winning streak, fifth all-time in NCAA history.  On January 26th, Marquette was perfect from the foul line (15-15), setting a school record for free throw percentage in their win over [[Loyola (IL)]].  They finished the season with a win in the regional third place game of the NCAA Tournament.  The Warriors were ranked fourth in the final UPI poll and fifth in the final AP poll.  They held opponents to an average of 61 points per game, which ranked seventh nationally. 
-|Regional 3rd Place|Austin Peay|W88-73|+ 
 +===== Schedule and Results ===== 
 +^Date^ Opponent^ Result
 +|D 2|[[Saint Thomas (MN)]]|W 66-42| 
 +|D 5|#14 [[Tennessee]]|W 56-30| 
 +|D 9|#11 [[Memphis State]]|W 72-69| 
 +|D 16|[[Xavier (OH)]]|W 70-52| 
 +|D 23|at [[Iowa]]|W 69-61| 
 +|D 29|[[Rice]]|W 71-40|Milwaukee Classic| 
 +|D 30|[[UW-Madison]]|W 75-73 2OT|Milwaukee Classic| 
 +|J 3|at [[Butler]]|W 67-66| 
 +|J 5|[[DePaul]]|W 60-59| 
 +|J 9|[[Loyola (IL)]]|W 82-77| 
 +|J 13|[[Notre Dame]]|L 69-71| 
 +|J 16|at #6 [[Minnesota]]|L 53-64| 
 +|J 20|[[South Carolina]]|W 71-54| 
 +|J 23|[[Northern Michigan]]|W 76-55| 
 +|J 27|at [[Loyola (IL)]]|W 73-54| 
 +|J 29|at [[Xavier (OH)]]|W 90-61| 
 +|F 3|at [[DePaul]]|W 70-55| 
 +|F 6|at [[UW-Madison]]|W 64-58| 
 +|F 10|[[Tulane]]|W 88-59| 
 +|F 13|[[Northern Illinois]]|W 93-80| 
 +|F 17|[[Detroit]]|W 77-55| 
 +|F 20|at [[Bowling Green]]|W 84-58| 
 +|F 24|at [[Fordham]]|W 63-57| 
 +|M 3|at #4 [[Cal State-Long Beach]]|L 66-76| 
 +|M 5|at [[Creighton]]|W 61-49| 
 +|M 10|vs [[Miami (OH)]]|W 77-62|NCAA Tournament (Dayton, OH)
 +|M 15|vs #6 [[Indiana]]|L 69-75|NCAA Tournament (Nashville, TN)
 +|M 17|vs #19 [[Austin Peay]]|W 88-73|NCAA Tournament (Nashville, TN)| 
 +===== LINKS ===== 
 +  * [[|(35:55 mark, 20 minute video) "Sports-Action Profiles" by Kartemquin Films. (1972). Twenty minute profile of Al McGuire, head basketball coach at Marquette University (Warriors). Shows McGuire before and after two games (against DePaul Demons and Loyola) and at practices, as well as during off time with his wife. Includes son Ally and future pro player Chones. Dir. Jeffrey Pill, Cin. Gordon Quinn, Ed. Jerry Blumenthal.]] 
 +==== Team Photo ==== 
 +{{men_s_basketball:Team_1972_1973.jpg |}}
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