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-====== 1979/1980 Season ======+====== 1979-80 Season ======
 {{ men_s_basketball:​mu79-80_cover_w.jpg|}} {{ men_s_basketball:​mu79-80_cover_w.jpg|}}
 Coach: [[Hank Raymonds]]\\ Coach: [[Hank Raymonds]]\\
 +Captain: [[Robert Byrd]]\\
 +Leading Scorer: [[Sam Worthen]] (16.9 ppg)\\
 +Leading Rebounder: [[Robert Byrd]] (10 rpg)\\
 Marquette makes the NCAA's expanded field as a 9 seed. Marquette makes the NCAA's expanded field as a 9 seed.
-===== NCAA Tournament Results ​===== +\\ 
-Marquettes Seed: 9 +==== Season review ​==== 
-^RoundOpponentScore+The Warriors finished at 18 wins and 9 losses, breaking their string of 13 consecutive 20-victory seasons. ​ But the 18 wins were good enough to secure their tenth consecutive ​NCAA bid.  However, they lost to Villanova in the first round, 77-59. 
-|1st Round |Villanova|L, 77-59|+ 
 +The Warriors started captain [[Robert Byrd]], [[Oliver Lee]], [[Michael Wilson]], [[Sam Worthen]] and [[Terrell Schlundt]], the lone recruit. ​ The supporting cast featured [[Artie Green]], [[Tony Davis]], [[Larry Hatchett]], [[Dean Marquardt]] and [[Greg Shimon]].  
 +[[Oliver Lee]] topped the scorers at 15.9 points per game, Robert Byrd was the top rebounder with 269, and Sam Worthen filled the role of playmaker, leading the team with 175 assists. 
 +The highlight of the season may have occured in Madison as the Warriors took on Duke, one of the top-ranked teams in the country. ​ Marquette rode a 12-7 record into the game, but to the astonishment of many, opened a 19-point lead, blew it, and still defeated the Blue Devils 80-77.  
 +===== Schedule ​===== 
 +|D 1|[[Montana State|Eastern Montana]]|W 75-36| 
 +|D 4|[[Fresno State]]|W 57-54| 
 +|D 8|[[Michigan]]|L 60-63| 
 +|D 15|[[UW-Madison]]|L 56-57| 
 +|D 22|at [[Illinois]]|W 80-78| 
 +|D 28|[[Saint Mary's (CA)]]|W 100-74|Milwaukee Classic| 
 +|D 29|[[Rhode Island]]|L 57-64|Milwaukee Classic| 
 +|J 2|[[Cleveland State]]|W 93-69| 
 +|J 4|[[Brown]]|W 80-49| 
 +|J 7|at [[Cal State-Long Beach]]|L 69-77| 
 +|J 12|#2 [[DePaul]]|L 85-92| 
 +|J 15|[[Maine]]|W 87-77| 
 +|J 17|at [[Xavier (OH)]]|W 76-62| 
 +|J 19|[[Florida State]]|W 74-64| 
 +|J 22|at #7 [[Louisville]]|L 63-76| 
 +|J 26|at [[South Carolina]]|W 80-65| 
 +|F 2|at [[Oral Roberts]]|L 101-102 OT| 
 +|F 5|[[Creighton]]|W 81-71| 
 +|F 7|at [[Loyola (IL)]]|W 90-84| 
 +|F 10|vs #10 [[Duke]]|W 80-77|Dane County Coliseum (MadisonWI)| 
 +|F 12|[[Xavier (OH)]]|W 82-70| 
 +|F 16|[[Dayton]]|W 73-64| 
 +|F 20|at [[Stetson]]|L 72-77| 
 +|F 24|at #10 [[Notre Dame]]|W ​77-74| 
 +|F 27|at [[Detroit]]|W 80-76| 
 +|F 29|[[Air Force]]|W 70-50| 
 +|M 7|vs [[Villanova]]|L ​59-77|NCAA Tournament (Providence,​ RI)|

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