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 ====== Jim Boylan #23 ====== ====== Jim Boylan #23 ======
-{{  men_s_basketball:jimboylan.jpg|}}+
 **Position:** Guard\\ **Position:** Guard\\
 **Height:** 6'2"\\ **Height:** 6'2"\\
 **Weight:** \\ **Weight:** \\
-**Born:** \\ +**Born:** April 28, 1955\\ 
-**Hometown:** \\ +**Hometown:** Jersey City, New Jersey\\ 
-**High School:** \\+**High School:** St. Mary's (Jersey City, New Jersey)\\
 ===== High School Career ===== ===== High School Career =====
 +In his senior year, Boylan played in the 1973 Pittsburgh Roundball Classic with [[Maurice Bo Ellis|Bo Ellis]] and against [[Ulice Payne]].
 +As a junior, he helped St. Mary's of Jersey City win the state title.
 +As a sophomore, Boylan was named to the Converse All-America team.
 +===== Assumption College (MA) =====
 +Boylan played at Assumption College for two years and helped lead them to a pair of third-place finishes in the NCAA Division II championships. During his time there, Assumption compiled a 44-15 record.
 +As a sophomore, he averaged 9.8 ppg and 10.4 ppg as a freshman. Also, he recorded 443 assists.
 +In 1973-74, Boylan was chosen as New England Rookie of the Year.
 ===== Marquette Career ===== ===== Marquette Career =====
-Boylan averaged seven points per game during the 1976-77 season and 8.9 points per game the following year.+{{  men_s_basketball:jimboylan.jpg|}} 
 +Boylan transferred to Marquette from Assumption College. 
 +He averaged seven points per game during the 1976-77 season and 8.9 points per game the following year.
 == All-Time Senior Season Rankings == == All-Time Senior Season Rankings ==
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