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 Captain: [[Mark O’Malley]]\\ Captain: [[Mark O’Malley]]\\
 Leading Scorer: [[Joseph (Red) Dunn]]\\ Leading Scorer: [[Joseph (Red) Dunn]]\\
 +Frank Murray took over coaching duties on the Hilltop in 1920 and led Marquette to it's first top-notch season in school history. ​ The Hilltoppers (as the team was then nicknamed), compiled a 14-3 record that year, due largely to the efforts of players like [[Wilfred (Dukes) Duford]], [[Joseph (Red) Dunn]], [[Edward Karst]], [[Mark O'​Malley]] and [[Leo Ratchen]].
 ===== Schedule and Results ===== ===== Schedule and Results =====
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 |J 5| [[Evansville YMCA]]| W 31-16| |J 5| [[Evansville YMCA]]| W 31-16|
 |J 8| [[Hamline]]| W 38-22| |J 8| [[Hamline]]| W 38-22|
-|J 15| at [[St. Viator]]| W 26-13|+|J 15| at [[Saint Viator]]| W 26-13|
 |J 27| at[[Dubuque]]| W 26-13| |J 27| at[[Dubuque]]| W 26-13|
-|J 28| at [[St. Thomas (MN)]]| W 24-19|+|J 28| at [[Saint Thomas (MN)]]| W 24-19|
 |J 29| at [[Hamline]]| L 23-30| |J 29| at [[Hamline]]| L 23-30|
 |F 5| at [[Notre Dame]]| W 26-19| |F 5| at [[Notre Dame]]| W 26-19|

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