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Marquette Ice Hockey (1922-1933)


team_1922.23.jpgThe inaugural season of Marquette Varsity Hockey was 1922-23. That year, the team - coached by George Grady (nicknamed “Buck”) - finished with an 0-3-2 record. They lost once and tied twice with Wisconsin and lost twice to Minnesota. They played their games at the Arena Ice Gardens.

During the 1923-24 season under Coach Jake Thomsen, the hockey team finished with a 3-5 record, losing to Minnesota (four times) and Culver Military Academy (once), but beating Wisconsin thrice. Marquette home games played at the Arena Ice Gardens on 35th & Wells Street.

The 1924-25 team experienced another new head coach, Edward Harold Gerry, and a change in venue - the Arena Ice Gardens closed to become a garage and now they played on an outdoor rink located north of the Old Gym. Despite the adjustments, the team compiled only a 1-2 record due to games called because of weather. The defeated Janesville YMCA, but were shut out in two games versus Minnesota.

Art Schinner replaced Gerry as head coach and the team struggled throughout the 1925-26 season finishing with a 0-5-1 record. Losses came against Wisconsin (twice), Notre Dame, Town Club, and Minnesota (but tied them in the first game).

Despite the end of the season record, there was good news for the program. Immediately following the 1925-26 season, Marquette agreed to participate in the newly formed Northern Inter-Collegiate Hockey Association (NIHA). The initial NIHA members of this loosely formed league included Marquette, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan School of Mines (later renamed Michigan Tech), Wisconsin, University of North Dakota, North Dakota Aggies, Minnesota, Carleton, St. Olaf, St. John's (MN), MacAlester College, Eveleth J.C., and Hibbing J.C. Season champions were decided with a combination of seasonal records and strength of schedule.

1926-27 was not only Marquette's inaugural season with the NIHA but their first successful one! Under one of Marquette's most successful hockey head coaches, Kay Iverson, the Marquette team compiled a 5-2 record with wins against Ke-Nash-A (a Kenosha club), Chicago Athletic Club (twice), Illinois Athletic Club, and Wausau, and losses against Rhinelander and Michigan School of Mines. The last three matches of the season (Wausau, Rhinelander, and Michigan School of Mines) were part of the Winter Frolic Tournament in Wausau, WI. This season was also a historical one for three reasons: 1) it was the first season Marquette fielded a freshman and varsity team; 2) the hockey jerseys debuted with “MARQUETTE” emblazoned on the front; and 3) college hockey's famous “Three Macs” began playing at Marquette - George McTeer, Don MacFayden, and Clarence "Pudge" MacKenzie.

Building upon their success from the last season, the 1927-28 team under Coach Iverson would do the unthinkable: complete a season undefeated and win an NIHA championship. This team finished the season with 88 goals for and only 19 goals against! Their 12 wins featured eight games in the Wausau Ice Carnival in Wausau, WI: Kearns Service (twice), Milwaukee Athletic Club (twice), Wisconsin (twice), Michigan (twice), Michigan St., Rhinelander, Wausau, and Minnesota (won once but tied once in 2OT). Another little known milestone was also achieved this season: Marquette's first women's hockey team!

Trying to repeat as champions would prove difficult as the 1928-29 team would end their season with a 9-4 record and as runner-up to NIHA Champion Minnesota. They registered wins against Michigan (thrice), North Dakota (twice), Janesville, Chicago Athletic Club, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They lost to Minnesota (thrice) and Wisconsin. Overall, Marquette tallied 84 goals for and 20 goals against. On January 18, 1929, Marquette shut out Wisconsin, 9-0, at the outdoor rink near the Old Gym in front of 2,000 fans. On February 12, they would drop a close game to Minnesota, 3-2, in front of 2,500 spectators at the same outdoor rink. During this season, International News filmed a scrimmage game between Marquette men's and women's hockey teams.

outdoor_rink_near_old_gym.jpgThe 1929-30 team would experience renewed success as they completed the season with a 12-4 record with wins against Minnesota (thrice), Michigan (twice), Wisconsin, Michigan College of Mines, Hibbing, Virginia, Janesville Athletic Club, Harvard, and Army. They were defeated by Hibbing, Michigan, Minnesota, and Yale. However, due to the poor weather, Marquette did not field a women's hockey team.

Even with John Hancock replacing Kay Iverson as head coach, the 1930-31 Marquette continued to maintain their winning ways as they compiled an 8-4-1 record. Wins against American Legion of Chicago, Minnesota (thrice), Duluth Junior College, Wausau, Wisconsin, and Michigan were buoyed by losses to Duluth J.C., Wisconsin, and Michigan (twice) - the eventual NIHA season champion. Their only tie was against Minnesota, and one home game against Michigan was canceled due to poor ice conditions.

It must have been a bad omen for the Marquette hockey program when there wasn't a women nor freshmen team for the 1931-32 season. Wins proved sparse with only four victories (Michigan Tech (twice), Duluth J.C., and West Bend), four losses (Michigan (twice), Duluth West-Enders, Polish Olympic Team), and one tie (Michigan Tech) - a 4-4-1 record. They did not play the eventual NIHA season champion, Minnesota, during the season.

1932-33 saw the return of Edward Harold Gerry as Marquette's head coach. Sadly, this was to be Marquette's last year of Varsity Hockey. They finished the season 7-3-1 with wins versus Michigan Tech, Wisconsin, Watertown, West Bend, Wausau, American Legion of Janesville, and Marinette; losses to Michigan (twice) and Michigan Tech; and the only tie with the Iron Mountain Iron Kings.

Despite a brief hiatus, hockey returned briefly to Marquette but only as a “minor sport” - between varsity and club status - for the 1937-38 season.


Name Years Coached
coach_george_grady_1922.23.jpg George Grady 1922-23
coach_jake_thomsen_1923.24.jpg Jake Thomsen 1923-24
coach_e._h._garry_1924.25.32.33.jpg Edward Harold Garry 1924-25, 32-33
coach_art_schinner_1925.26.jpg Art Schinner 1925-26
coach_kay_iverson_1926.30.jpg Kay Iverson 1926-30
coach_john_hancock_1930.32.jpg John Hancock 1930-32



Player Years Played
Baier, Arthur 1929-30, 30-31
Barrett, 1925-26
Barta, 1928-29
Bergman, Reuben 1925-26, 26-27
Brielmaier, 1922-23
Broderick, Clifford 1929-30
Bruce, H. 1924-25
Buck, Roy 1927-28, 28-29
Callopy, John "Red" 1922-23 “C”, 23-24
Calvy, Donald 1930-31
Carle, Nick 1922-23, 23-24, 24-25 “C”
Clancy, 1926-27
Conness, 1925-26
Coogan, Matt 1925-26, 26-27
Cooper, John 1928-29
Corcoran, Gordon "G.J." 1923-24, 24-25, 25-26
DeCoursey, Don "Big Dan" 1926-27, 27-28, 28-29
Delaney, Dave 1922-23
Draper, Goldwyn 1932-33
Dunphy, Walter "Ward" 1928-29, 29-30, 30-31
Elnes, Sverre "Squint" 1930-31, 31-32
Finkbeiner, George 1930-31, 31-32, 32-33
Furlong, Clarence "Porky" 1929-30, 30-31, 31-32 “C”
Garry, Edward Harold 1922-23, 23-24 “C”
Gingrass, 1928-29
Hanley, Jack 1926-27, 27-28
Harrington, 1927-28
Hasse, Elmer 1923-24, 24-25
Hegge, 1926-27
Hegy, Cyril 1929-30
Hood, Kenneth 1931-32, 32-33
Horrigan, Paul 1927-28, 28-29
Jackson, Andy 1926-27, 27-28 “C”
Kaminski, Emil 1926-27, 27-28, 28-29, 29-30
Kearns, Hank 1926-27, 27-28, 28-29
Kluwin, 1926-27
LaBelle, Art 1923-24, 24-25, 25-26
MacDonald, Roderick 1927-28, 29-30, 30-31
MacFayden, Don 1926-27, 27-28, 28-29, 29-30 “C”
MacFayden, Harold "Yank" 1929-30, 30-31, 31-32 “C”
MacKenzie, Clarence "Pudge" 1926-27, 27-28, 28-29 “C”, 29-30
MacTeer, George 1926-27
Martin, Leo 1926-27
McCann, Harry 1930-31, 31-32, 32-33
McDonald, Cliff 1926-27
McIntyre, William "Wild Bill" 1931-32, 32-33
McNoughton, 1925-26
Montagne, Art "A.J." 1922-23, 23-24, 24-25
Moore, James "Jimmy" 1929-30, 30-31
Nicholson, Arthur "Archie" 1930-31, 31-32, 32-33
Nielsen, Ras 1930-31
Olson, Donald 1931-32, 32-33
Peterson, Arthur 1930-31, 31-32, 32-33
Pintar, 1926-27
Pittman, 1926-27
Rockwardt, Bill 1926-27
Schmitz, 1927-28
Schultz, Jack 1928-29
Schultz, William 1929-30, 30-31 “C”
Scott, Jack "Dread" 1931-32
Snavely, Thayer 1929-30
Sylvain, Harper 1926-27, 27-28
Thomas, Gordon 1922-23, 23-24, 24-25, 25-26 “C”
Thomson, Earl "Tommy" 1931-32, 32-33
Underhill, Don 1932-33
VanHollen, Russell 1922-23, 23-24
Vickery, Jack 1931-32
Washick, 1926-27
Wattlaufer, Oscar "Ossie" 1930-31, 31-32, 32-33 “C”
Young, Cosmos "Kissie" 1926-27, 27-28, 28-29, 29-30
Zimmerman, Francis 1928-29

Marquette Hockey Ephemera

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