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Marquette Women's Soccer


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Valley Fields

In 1994, Marquette women's soccer teams began playing at the Valley Fields, an athletic complex and recreational area for Marquette students and Milwaukee Community. Located at 1818 Canal Street, Valley Fields is Marquette's first-ever on-campus soccer facility. The $8 million facility includes a grass field that is the home to Golden Eagles soccer.

A practice facility was constructed east of the soccer stadium that gives the men's and women's soccer teams the benefit of practicing on campus adjacent to the playing surface. The installation of the FieldTurf surface took place in the summer and was completed prior to the start of the 2006 season.

Among other things, Valley Fields features a lighting system, first-aid and vending areas and a high-tech security system. A donor wall also is located in the vestibule of the facility's main building.

Future renovations to the soccer stadium and practice facility will make Valley Fields one of the state of the art soccer venues in the BIG EAST and the country and will certainly give the Golden Eagles a distinct home field advantage.

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