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The Glocca Morra

Hegarty's Glocca Morra, or The Gloc as it was more commonly known, was an MU campus bar that was located on the corner of 17th and Clybourn on the south end of Marquette's campus, near Miss Katie's Diner. Opened in the 1930s, many of the bar's patrons over the years were a mix of locals, factory workers from the valley, and MU students. The Gloc was sold to Marquette in summer 2005, and the Gloc's last call came in the last weekend of October 2005. The Gloc has been demolished and the site is being used to expand Marquette's maintenance facilities.

The Gloc was in essence the “Lanche” for the class of 2000-2004. Perhaps no other class in Marquette history celebrated the Gloc like that class. Being somewhat removed from campus it had a never ending cast of characters that included many who wouldn't have fit in to other campus bars. Patron's often enjoyed watching elimidate and blind date on Wednesdays. A group of regulars, known as “the Glocka Gang” would sometimes be pushed into service as bouncers in a pinch despite their often inebriated condition. During these times the Troll, Cichon and JP would quickly jump to action, assisting the male cheer leaders/bouncers who were an ever present facet at the door. But the driving force behind the bar's final years was without a doubt the fiery red headed bartender Steff aka The Red Snapper. Whose slight, former cheerleader, frame contained a passion for serving up young looking college kids was only overshadowed by her sudden onsets of rage. Describing the fury she unleashed on kids who decided to cross her path by either stealing drinks or starting fights was best exemplified by the time she jumped over the bar to chase out an over served patron and punched through the plate glass bar door window doing so. During it's final days, the class of 2004 packed the place night after night.

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