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Jim Hegarty's Pub

1120 W. Wells St., (414) 221-1921
Hegarty's is king when it comes to serving the Marquette masses. Whether you want quiet and laidback watering hole, or a night of wild debauchery, Hegarty's caters to all makes and sizes of party crowd. Stop in early evening for great pub food with the eclectic locals, and munch on a drool-worthy butter burger and fries platter. Stick around for the long, narrow bar to fill with crazy coeds looking to kick back a few. Heg's is the Times Square of Marquette; if you stay there long enough, you are bound to run into nearly everyone you know.

Historic Beer Selection

Hegarty's is one of the few bars around that still offer the Milwaukee's legendary beers of the past. Bottles of Blatz, Old Milwaukee, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and cans of Schlitz still litter the table tops and trash cans of this fine establishment.


Hegarty's crowd usually consists of Marquette students but also draws a loyal following of blue-collar workers. Although the space is narrow, it still offers lots of space for people to gather and socialize and includes a surprisingly spacious back bar area (back bar open only certain times of year, usually during the long winter months). Three dart machines, a pool table, silverstrike bowling, golden tee, ms. pacman and a turkey hunting game offer patrons many entertaining options to pass those long, cold winter nights. In addition to having a great bar scene, Hegarty's also offers a surprising menu of classic bar food and daily resturant worthy specials.


Hegarty's boasts arguably some of the best, most welcoming and friendly bartenders of any college bar in Milwaukee. Don't be surprised if you're approached to play bar dice with the bartenders or if they comp you and your friends on a round of shots. A sign in the entrance of Caffrey's states “Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.” However, in no other case is this more true then at Hegarty's Pub.

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