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Lenny's Tap

Lenny's was on 18th and State and served as home base for AKPsi (Da Zoo) Fraternity.

Leonard's on State was owned by Lenny Bernstein and his wife Sarah. 6oz Miller Tap beers were 10 cents.

Lenny's was open every morning at 6am and closed at 2:00 AM on school nights and 3:30 on Saturday evening.

If we stayed past closing, Lenny would tell us to get the beers our selves. This didn't happen very often because at closing time Sarah would tell us to “drink up and hit the road.”

Lenny and his wife have passed on and the establishment torn down.

Lenny's wasn't just a bar…it was an experience.

Lenny's. Now that was a watering hole. It was a place where heartache wasn't a stranger and the sting of cheap booze somehow only eased but never cured life's agony. A heady mixture of sweat, cigarette smoke, body odor, and the stale perfume of the tart in leopard skin spandex whose ass was wrapped around her bar stool and cherry red lips around the head of a PBR long neck.

It was a joint Al would have been proud to drink at and probably did. Where dreams died and agony thrived through the gauzy fog of one last unfiltered Camel. For a few dollars a man could find sanctuary in a guileless world of doom and despair framed in flashing neon. Of all the gin joints in Milwaukee this was the oasis, the shimmering chimera of shame in city that gives no quarter…

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