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The Green Tree

Located on the Southwest corner of 15th and State, the Green Tree was a hole in the wall that catered more to the local parolees, than Marquette students. However it was also the perfect place for a freshman to try out his fake ID. Known for its famous Blatz draft specials, the grizzled bartender would usually just size you up, rather than look at an ID. If you were with a group of four he might say, “you, you, you, not you.” It seemed to be totally random.

During the late 1980s, the Green Tree generally catered to Marquette's underclassmen with $3 all-you-can-drink nights (from 8-11pm). The owner, known as 'Fat Pat', and bartender, Dick, packed in the crowds who realized that a lousy fake ID was good enough to drink Busch Light for a few hours.

This bar closed during the winter of 1988-89 only to reopen across the 16th Street viaduct later that year, still drawing a crowd of underage students who made their way across the viaduct in the dead of winter. It only existed for a few weeks at that location, as it was busted by the police on a couple of occasions and supposedly the city shut it down.

In the early 80's they had nickel taps from 9-10 pm M-F. Was also a big rugby team hangout then.

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