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Marquette tried to field a team from 1913 through 1915 but could not; they settled on having departmental teams which competed against each other.

One Marquette alumnus would play for a major league baseball team: Ralph Shinners, who played from 1922 to 1925 for the National League's New York Nationals/Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals.


As a freshman in 1978-79 I played for the club baseball team. Coach was a guy named Rick from Philadelphia. Players included myself - Scott Romagna (a catcher) backing up Greg Cergol from NY, Dennis Kapusta(?) played third, fellow frosh Dan Meckes(?) at short. Rocky something or other from Green Bay at second. Another freshman Jimmy B. was a utility infielder. I can't remember the name of our third baseman, but he also played club Hockey. Tall thin curly haired pitcher we called Sneaky Pete. We played all double headers - played bible colleges (Maranatha?), played in Rockford, Madison, Waukesha, etc. Our home games were at Washington Park. Still have my nylon baseball jacket - blue with gold “MARQUETTE” letters across the chest - although the letters are in serious need of re-sewing.

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