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1982 Marquette Cross Country


1982_team_2.jpg Front row: Julia Shultz, Natalie (Doberstein) Roller, Elizabeth (Wojcik) Coates, Mary Kay (Van Ess) Pulito, Kimberly McElroy, and Theresa (Bender) Pape. Back row: Coach Elliot Kramsky, Julie (Hermans) Mody, Terri (Leibfried) Weidner, Kathleen (Kathy) (Fynan) Aldridge, Diane (Held) Munzenmaier, Kara Hughes, Kathleen (Katie) Webb, Mary Anne (Ferguson) Burke and Laurie (Hottinger) Barr.
1982_team.jpg Women's cross-country team waiting at the starting line at a cross-country meet. Athletes who are recognizable in the image include (L-R): Diane (Held) Munzenmaier, Lou Ann Lathrop, Kathleen (Fynan) Aldridge, Kara Hughes, Kathleen (Katie) Webb, Theresa (Bender) Pape, and Terry Murphy Seifert.
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