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The Bradley Center

bradley_center.jpgConstruction on the Bradley Center began in October 1986 and the building opened in October 1988 at a total cost of $71 million. The first game played at the Bradley Center was the Edmonton Oilers vs. Chicago Blackhawks on October 1, 1988. The Bradley Center is home to three sports tenants: the NBA Milwaukee Bucks, the Marquette men's basketball team, and the AHL Milwaukee Admirals. The facility hosts an estimated 2 million people each year and continues to be the No. 1 entertainment destination in Downtown Milwaukee.

The Bradley Center, home to Marquette Basketball in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was a gift to the people of Milwaukee, from Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Pettit, in memory of the late Jane Bradley Pettit's father, Harry Lynde Bradley. Bradley was a co-founder and chairman of the Allen-Bradley Company. The Bradley Center is the only major, public assembly facility in North America with construction underwritten through the philanthropy of a single family. Its construction and continuing operation represent a gift to all the people of the State of Wisconsin.

Unlike Marquette's former home, the MECCA, the Bradley Center features a full-color electronic scoreboard, complete with video replay of Warrior slam dunks and three-point shots. Closed-circuit television screens at the 12 concession stands will permit fans to “take a break” wihout missing “the break.” Other features include a glass-enclosed atrium entrance area, with two grand staircases, optimal “sight lines” for every seat in the house and 59 suites (a number which has changed since.

The Bradley Center covers more than a city block. The building weighs 79,000 tons, stands 149 feet high and is constructed of 21,000 cubic yards of concrete and 1,500 tons of structural steel. The lead-coated copper roof rises to 13 stories at its highest peak. Inside each of three lobbies, double rows of concrete columns with polished granite bases rise almost 70 feet to support a spectacular skylight system. Granite is also used in the lobby floor and in the grand stairway which leads to the 200 level, as well as the entire building.

The Bradley Center hosts more than 200 events and 2,000,000 guests per year. The Center can accommodate up to 20,000 visitors depending on the event. The 200 (Lower) Level of the Center accommodates approximately 7,000 spectators and provides 23 rows of seats for hockey and 26 rows for basketball. The 300 Level features 68 private suites which accommodate up to 20 guests per suite. Each suite is equipped with amenities that include a refrigerator, telephones, private restroom, custom furniture and cable television.

Building Facts

  • 18,600 attendees for basketball
  • 17,800 attendees for hockey
  • 20,000 attendees for concerts
  • Total area of 550,000 square feet
  • 16 escalators
  • 2 elevators
  • 12 permanent concession stands
  • 24 public restrooms
  • Approx 6 acre site

Marquette Specifics

Game nights at the Bradley Center are electric. Marquette's first game at the Bradley Center took place on Dec. 2, 1988, when it recorded a 70-60 win over Rice. The largest crowd ever to see a game in the state of Wisconsin took place at the Bradley Center on Mar. 3 2007 when 19,021 saw No. 20 Marquette defeat No. 17 Pittsburgh 75-71.

Other recent records include:

  • 19,037 against DePaul on Jan. 26, 2008
  • 19,020 against Wisconsin on Dec. 9, 2006
  • 19,007 against Pitt on Feb. 18, 2006
  • 18,874 against Notre Dame on Jan. 20, 2006

Marquette has drawn over 3.3 million fans who continue to make the Bradley Center one of America’s toughest venues.

Seating Chart

Bradley Center Images

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