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Sean Rivers

Sean Rivers started at Marquette on October 2, 1996, as the team's administrative assistant. Rivers came to Marquette following one season as an assistant coach at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. While at Montgomery, he coordinated team travel, implemented a post-season conditioning program and assisted players with academic scheduling and tutoring. The Knights finished sixth in the national junior college tournament last season.

Prior to his stint at Montgomery, Rivers was an assistant coach at the United States Merchant Marine Academey, from 1993-95. He was the recruiting coordinator and also had responsibilities in the areas of scouting and practice preparation.

Rivers also served as a program coordinator for People-to-People Sports from 1993-95. He arranged international sports tours for high school, college and Division 1 All-Star teams and coordinated activities with international sports federations. He also conducted basketball clinics throughout Spain in 1991.

Sean was an assistant coach at Oneonta (NY) High School from 1991-93 and was an assistant coach on the staff at State University College at Oneonta from 1989-91. Rivers received a bachelor's degree in secondary education from SUNY-Oneonta in 1992 and he is married to Tricia.

Mike Deane on Sean Rivers- “Sean brings a great deal of experience to this position. he has been an assistant coach and worked a great deal with arranging team travel and other administrative duties. Sean will be an asset to our staff.”

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