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  • Class: 2009
  • Nickname(s):
  • Position: PF
  • Height: 6'8“
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Birthday:
  • Hometown: Starkville, MS
  • High School: Progressive Christian Academy-via-Starkville (Miss.) High School
  • AAU Team: Birmingham Raptors
  • Interest Level: Med

Marquette Career

Update Needed

High School Career

He is expected to enroll at Progressive Christian in Maryland for 2008-09 in order to qualify academically.

Birmingham Raptors Career

Update Needed


He is a tall, lanky, very athletic player who needs to get a lot stronger. He really jumps out of the gym but is not a very skilled player at this time. He has a big upside but needs strength desperately. All his points come around the basket, “garbage” guy at this time. He needs to develop skills, shooting, a post game, offensive moves, and a better understanding of the game. His athleticism far exceeds his skill set right now.


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