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Coach to _ This meme needs no explanation. Every coach MU has ever had for the last 25 years has been rumored to be leaving for another school. I suppose its nice to be in demand. The Big Bang Everyone…ever 72% of all Scoop threads from February to November
Done Deal Probably the most memorable of the Shaka Smart flirtation memes. Self proclaimed MU insider, Jim Ganzer tweeted that the Shaka Smart to MU plan was a “done deal”. By that evening the reporting had been refuted and 5 days latter all negotiations were broken off. Every rumor from that day forward was derisively met with a #donedeal hashtag. This meme also made it's way to twitter 3/24/14 Jim Ganzer
Sources Welcome to the world of coaching searches in the internet age. Everyone has sources and in the post-Williams coaching search, apparently everyone's sources were spectacularly wrong. All posters on Scoop had sources as to who the next coach of MU was going to be, and it turned out none of us did. So any fact reporting now is derisively met with a demand for “sources” 3/25/14 A lot of posters any thread since March 2014
It’s Happening gif Another meme to emerge from the crucible that was the post Buzz Williams HC search. This GIF was posted in response to just about every possible coach and even non-coaching possibilities 3/25/14 Eldon
Respect the process The origins seem to harken back to the hiring process of Buzz Williams, and was initially more of a catch phrase. The phrase didn't reach full blown meme until March 2014 during the Shaka Smart affair. At that time MU was searching for a new head coach, with a lot of attention paid to Shaka Smart, including rumored secret meetings. Used essentially to tell people to calm down if they didn't know all the details 2/17/14 WadesWorld (RTP)
Hoopaloop This is one of the more controversial memes in Scoop history and is relatively difficult to explain. Hoopaloop was a poster that popped up during some of Chico's occasional absences from Scoop for bad behavior. This poster came to stir the pot as much as Chicos did leading to speculation that Hoop WAS Chicos. Oh hilarity ensued. Eventually it was “revealed” that the poster known as Hoop and Chicos “knew” each other and Hoop let Chicos borrow his log-in to post, because he just can't quit you Scoop. Hoop disappeared shortly after Chico's re-instatement, but not before they mutually supported each others arguments for a while. This event also spawned the beer summit meme. This is why the internets are the best. 4/2/12 Hoopaloop
5 years to evaluate a hire Chicos makes the meme list again. This time, the meme was generated out of the Buzz Williams hiring process. Chicos, never a fan of the process, was interpreted to be anti-Buzz. After a few successful years with Buzz Williams as coach, posters revisited this issue with a “I told you so”. Chico's response? You have to wait 5 years to evaluate a process, it hasn't been 5 years. Now as a meme any waiting time for a decision immediately defaults to 5 years. 5/27/08 ChicosBailBonds
VCUInsider Yet another meme originated during the post-Buzz Williams HC search era. This one is interesting in that it is a meme of a meme. This poster came to the board during the Shaka Smart action to claim all sorts of inside knowledge from the VCU perspective. It turned out that this was a meme the VCU board carried out every time someone was rumored to be in negotiations with Shaka Smart. This even generated a meme in twitter that was a thing for a time 3/23/14 VCUInsider
Tinfoil hats Tinfoil hats surfaced on Scoop almost since it's inception, but really took off during the Hiroshima days on the board. Used as cover all for anyone that prescribes to any conspiracy theories on Scoop, just about every poster has been accused of such accessory wearing Disputable unknown
Squirmy This meme started with Chicos cryptic response to potential issues with Jamil Wilson's eligibility. It was another in the long line of cryptic responses generating push back from the Scoop community. It became the meme of choice for any scenarios where there was implied wrong doing or potential for wrong doing. 9/16/10 ChicosBailBonds
Wade wearing Indiana shorts Another MU summer special as well as a meme I couldn't find the origination of. Apparently Wade was caught on two different occasions wearing Indiana basketball shorts in public, now we know how Gabrielle Union feels….HEY OH. Anyway, this public flirtation with Tanned Tommy's program from the most recognizable MU basketball product in the last 20 years sparked some strong reaction and an on-going meme from Scoop. This is an interesting meme because it seems such a trivial thing to get worked up over, but you do kind of get why its poor form. 7/22/10 brewnewsman
Warriors nickname A constant topic for Marquette fans since the nickname change in the 90s, it resurfaces from time to time on Scoop for endless debate and argument. Likely the meme with the most staying power. Pre-Scoop A lot of posters nearly all threads
Andy Katz is a badger These are facts: Andy Katz graduated from UW-Madison and he is a sports journalist for ESPN. Less proven fact and more general feeling: Andy Katz hates Marquette because of the first two facts and therefore does everything he can to sink the MU program. Part of this was fueled by his universal inserting of Tom Crean's name into every job opening ever, I think he once said Crean was leaving MU for Cary Junior High girls basketball team in Illinois(that may not be true, I may have made that up). So the easy meme, Andy Katz is a badger and you never have to pay attention to anything he says ever again. Pre-Scoop A lot of posters nearly all threads
Maymon’s dad Jeronne Maymon was a very sought after player in 2008 and was then HC Buzz William's first major get. At the announcement of his school choice, Jeronne managed to get upstaged by his flamboyant father. Later, 10 games into the 08-09 campaign, Jeronne up and quit on MU. Not long after rumors and speculation popped up, a lot centered around Tim Maymon, the father <slow Kevin McAlister voice>. Feeding into the current social environment of helicopter parenting this meme took off. Tim Maymon is often accused of pulling evil strings in the background of MU to this day 12/14/09 A lot of posters Click Here to run search
Available a week later This meme arose in the dark days between Crean's expectedly unexpected departure from MU and immediately following Buzz Williams being hired as HC. There were those who were comfortable with MU's choice and those who thought it was a terrible idea. Those in the terrible camp decried the process as well as the outcome. Chicos was part of the concerned camp, but his big point that became repeated ad nauseam was that Buzz William's was a available a week later and MU could have hired him at their leisure once other candidates were exhausted. Not sure about that, but I am sure it became a recurring meme on Scoop 4/9/08 ChicosBailBonds
Sharpie A variant of the done deal tag, which referred to what another media member said about the rumored Smart to MU contract. It didn't have nearly the legs of the done deal meme. Also a meme used by Seth Davis on twitter when he decides a game has reached it's foregone conclusion 3/24/14 Tom Pippins
It’s Indiana It’s Indiana (I4) Former HC Tom Crean left Marquette for Indiana on April 1st 2008 under less than chivalrous circumstances. In his first interview afterwards, Crean was asked why the move, the response, “It's Indiana, it's Indiana.” And a meme was born. I4 is the short form and is sometimes used as shorthand for Tom Crean 4/4/08 jutaw22mu
Tackling dummy This one I'm having to go off memory as it seems to predate MUScoop(or at least I can't find it). Near the tail end of an already questionable season, lead player Travis Diener(senior year) was reported to have broken his hand in practice. This injury ended his season leading to MU having to go with Marcus Jackson at point forward and the results were bad. However, rumors started flowing out of MU that Travis had broken his hand tackling a football dummy in some weird drill former HC Tom Crean came up with. It has never been verified as a true story but that hasn't stopped every reported injury of an MU player to have been caused by said tackling dummy 3/1/05 unknown Couldn't find it
Don’t mess with happy A quote attributed to former MU HC Buzz Williams. Used to explain why he wouldn't leave MU, because he and his family were happy and you don't mess with that. Used as a reason for why Williams would not willingly leave MU, it later became an ironic meme after Williams left for a lesser program and lesser money. 11/10/11 Brewcity77 and muwarrior69
Practice free throws Long a sore spot for MU fans who think all free throws are easy. This meme got started early in Scoop history with a poor FT shooting performance. Posters complained about missing, dwaderoy2004 said they should ask how Coach K practices free throws and it was a meme from there. 11/22/06 dwaderoy2004
Creaned/Buzzcut/Boned This is a mean that has existed for a while, crossed over from dirty badger boards, and has transcended coaches, both at MU and Wisconsin. Essentially a derogatory term for speculation that a player was asked to leave a program to make room for better talent. First coined by Becky boards to describe players leaving under Crean, it was then transferred to Buzz. It became BOned once Wisconsin had a little hedge trimming of their own. unknown unknown
Paint Touches On Scoop these days this meme needs little explanation. Former HC Buzz Williams established that he wanted offensive and defensive paint touches before a bucket attempt or defensive deployment. This even spawned the name of a student journalist website/blog. 12/17/08 Multiple
Deflections This meme very likely pre-date MUScoop, it was certainly amplified by the Scoop faithful. This term referred to the much debated defensive strategy Tom Crean employed where he tracked and tried to force deflections on all plays. The paint touches of the Tom Crean era if you will. This strategy was heavily debated and eventually became part of the Scoop lexicon 11/11/06 Murffieus
Banners Almost the same time that Tom Crean blew into town as the head coach for Marquette was the propensity to hang a banner for nearly any achievement. It was not as frequent as some posters made it out to be, but that didn't matter a meme was create and now anything can result in the banner meme being trotted out. 12/4/06 PuertoRicanNightmare
Switchable Another Buzzism as a meme. This meme referred to Buzz William's preference for a PG, a center, and 3 switchable players…essentially interchangeable athletes. Every recruit in the late Buzz era was compared against the switchable stick 10/6/10 Ready2Fly
Tanned Tommy Many nicknames were generated for Tom Crean after his departure for Bloomington, Indiana. One that stuck as a meme was Tanned Tommy, referencing his amazing ability to always be at a perfectly bronzed skin tone throughout the long, cold, sunless winter's of Milwaukee. One wonders if Tom inspired Dick Bacon, or the other way around 11/11/09 warthog-driver(Keefe)
TC got lucky with Wade Mufanatic may not be the first poster to make fun of the TC got lucky with Wade meme, but he was the first I could find in Scoop. Basically, this meme boils down to Crean only being successful because of Dwyane Wade and strips TC of any responsibility of his success during the Final Four run. Some posters like to give Crean some credit, but it's not a hugely popular position on Scoop. We could call this meme the William Wallace corollary (see Mel Gibson speech in Braveheart involving shooting fireballs out of orifices). 3/17/07 mufanatic
Buzz’s tie too tight A Larry Williams controversy special. Quoted in a newspaper, LW stated that he felt Buzz's tie was too tight and he might snap as some point. Prolific poster Ners, took amazing exception to this statement and an epic thread was launched 8/24/12 Ners
Karate Another Tom Crean meme special. Crean wore a karate uniform to Midnight Madness and this was another thing to get under some posters skin. And so karate uniforms will forever be brought up as part of questionable marketing decisions. 10/15/07 PuertoRicanNightmare
ATV In true Law and Order fashion, this meme was inspired by real events. During March Madness for the 2007-2008 season, the fearless leader at the time, Tom Crean, decided it would be a really cool idea to ride an ATV on to the court. Nothing spectacular happened but that didn't stop the Scoop crowd from poopooing it as if he wore white after Labor Day. ATV riding has now become the bar any future coaches must come under when it comes to Madness production 10/13/07 PuertoRicanNightmare
Hyperbolic chamber On the heels of the infamous ATV March Madness(it's own meme), a story in the Boston Globe was posted to Scoop which reported that MU had purchased a hyperbaric chamber for the basketball team to improve their conditioning. Well, one thing led to another and eventually it was determined the chamber was only purchased so Crean could more efficiently tan while working on his breathing…or something like that. Yet another in a long line of extravagant purchases that were judged to be wasted money from the Crean administration. 10/19/07 A lot of posters
Hologram Al A twitter meme cross over during the latest MU coaching search melt down. Hologram Al was an homage to MU great Al McGuire and he was “brought back to live” as a hologram(see Hologram Tupac). For a time, during the Shaka meltdown, Hologram Al was suggested as MU's next coach. It turns out he was unavailable and we moved on. 3/26/14 Jake Barnes
is evil and must be destroyed Easily the longest running meme in Scoop, in fact it seems to pre-date Scoop. It is also a crossover meme to twitter. The opponent of record on game day receives their treatment in this meme. In the search for information on this meme however, a long dead horror may have been uncovered. It has been reported the genesis of the meme was a line from the super basketball-related not to mention macho movie Steel Magnolias. I'll give you a minute to soak that in. unknown unknown
Mbakwe Trevor Mbakwe was another significantly hyped recruit for MU basketball, and looked the part too. Looking much older than 18, built like a tank, and hitting campus during the Chuck Norris craze….it was inevitable. In one of the most epic threads in Scoop history, the Mbakwe meme emerged…fully grown and capable of wrestling two bears with his left arm…and now Mbakwe has been able to accomplish feats of skill that even Chuck would stand and applaud. 12/18/07 mvaile and MUCrew
Haikus A prolific poster(currently know as Keefe) was known to respond to posts in Haikus attempting to be both cryptic and clever. Resulted in annoying half the board and mesmerizing the other half of the board. The haikus became a running meme, and were found to be called upon in especially tough times. A later variant had “secret” messages buried in them. 12/15/09 warthog-driver(Keefe)
I be chillin doe This meme is a twitter crossover from one of MU's most recent favorite and very quotable players, Davante Gardner. Posted as a sort of catch phrase on his twitter account, the I be chillin doe caught on with the Scoop community. Generally posted in any thread related or perceived to be related to Gardner, the poster uses this meme to convey casual acceptance of all things. 1/2/12 BluePrint
Down w/ _ to play. Doable A meme created in the midst of a meltdown on the board during a first round NCAA match up with Davidson. Lloyd showing all the optimism in the world, unwittingly created a meme to be used whenever things look bleak, either sarcastically or seriously. 3/21/13 LloydMooresLegs
JFB Nickname for one of Marquette's best players in the 2000s, Jimmy Butler. A thread looking for a nickname produced this co-development. Ziggy proposed Jimmy F*cking Butler and IAmMarquette followed it up with the acronym, sealing it in MUScoop history 13/11/09 ZiggysFryBoy and IAmMarquette
Walking Boot Marquette players since 2000 have had a propensity to injure legs and feet(Chris Otule and Dan Fitzgerald being the leads), resulting in their being placed in walking boots. Sometimes players that no one had any idea were injured would be spotted on campus with a walking boot on, this included players who would then play in a game that night. This led to the often repeated walking boot meme when any player was thought to be injured or even struggling with classes. It has been speculated that MU has a discount deal with a boot supplier. 4/3/07 PTM
UDPride The name of a Dayton fanboy poster and the forum for Dayton basketball fans, this meme flashed into existence during the remaking of the Big East conference. What gave this meme sticking power was the insanity present on the Dayton board and the absolute certainty that UDPride had that Xavier and Butler would NEVER leave the A10 for the Big East. Ooops 9/12/12 UDPride
Fly fishing Along with Hitler, SMU17, and Hiroshima this was one of the memes that arose from the cluster…that was the Larry Williams as AD fight on Scoop. Started as a joke to try and cool off the thread, instead it grew legs and has become the go to meme for any thread that gets overheated. 3/20/12 real chili 83
Grind together shine together The catch phrase of the 2010-2011 MU men's basketball team (supposedly invented by Joe Fulce) was quickly adopted by the Scoop faithful. Used to express pride and admiration as the go for broke, leave nothing behind attitude, the meme further took off when Nike seized on the phrase and turned it into a t-shirt. You know, because Nike doesn't make enough money off of us. 10/25/10 MU basketball team
Automatic This meme started as a bro chant from the broiest part of the student section every time Davante Gardner was at the free throw line. Immediately, it drew ire and disdain from the MUScoop faithful (see anything the current students do), prompting vigorous debate. Eventually Davante Gardner himself voiced a favorable opinion of the chant, swinging the board 70/30 in favor and saving lead bros from more internet Scoop scorn. 1/24/12 PTM
Gold vests Before the gold vest became a hipster/young MU alumni ironic statement at games, gold vests were worn at MU games by the elder alumni and the term on Scoop was used to generally disparage the seemingly out dated mode of thought. Similar to referring to the “geezers” chasing kids off lawns and some such non-sense. Lastly there seemed to be some bitterness towards to older alumni sitting in the nice seats at the BC 11/30/06 HoopDreams
Bricky Remember the 3 days when MU was the Gold and the world ended? Yeah, one of the outcomes of that travashamockery was the mocking creation of the new MU mascot: Bricky the walking gold brick(think Towelie from South Park). Bricky reemerges from time to time to taunt the Scoop crowd pre-Scoop MU Chi_IL
Soft bubble This meme has multiple fathers. The term seemed to surface two years earlier as part of a legitimate tournament discussion but had no significant traction as a term or for ridicule. However, when you insert the term during a tourney debate after we have transitioned from TC to Buzz as head coach, you now have meme gold Jerry! Chicos referred to the soft bubble as why MU would get into the tourney. Others who(some automatically) took offense to this as some sort of insult to the great Bazz Williams, decried the soft bubble as a great fiction. Then others just giggled about the term soft bubble. No matter who or how it started, it is now a strong member of the Scoop lexicon and meme community. 2/14/10 dwaderoy2004
MU football Apparently Marquette use to have a football team, and they were pretty terrible near the end of their reign. Much like the Warriors nickname, the long dead football program is held up as an example of the administration's incompetence and as a hope that some day they might spend millions of dollars to create a weak division III program. And so MU football has become an occasional meme on Scoop….mostly in the summer Pre-Scoop Anyone born before 1960
Beer summit This was an outgrowth of the Chicos/Hoopaloop controversy with a dash of current events thrown in. In politics, there was some dust up between a cop and a university professor that nobody remembers but POTUS decided to host a “beer” summit between the two parties….they even announced what beer each was going to have…yeah it's as stupid as it sounds, but that's not the point. Shortly after was the whole Chicos/Hoopaloop blow up and someone suggested a beer summit in California to resolve the drama. It was funny at the time, and occasionally makes it way into other threads where there might be some conflict. 4/10/12 Warthog-Driver Seems to be deleted
Vatican Smoke This meme came into popularity during the Buzz Williams escape to the backwoods of Virginia drama. Playing off the smoke seen when selecting a pope, pictures started popping up in threads every time a “source” declared this or that. It likely gained traction as it was one of the first picture memes in Scoop, plus MU is like Catholic or something. Many posters contributed to the growth of the meme so I'm sure Bleuteaux wasn't the first, but his was the first I could find and ultimately I'm lazy so….all hail meme creator Bleuteaux. 3/24/14 Bleuteaux
36-0 (UWM) One of my personal favorite memes, this one celebrates the complete dominance of crosstown “rival” UW-Milwaukee by Marquette basketball. Marquette has never lost to UWM with a 36-0 record, which is something a lot of people like to hold over the UWM heads….especially when they get lippy making the tournament once every 7 years. In the mid-2000s UWM made a lot of noise of restarting the “rivalry” which eventually happened for 3 games, not shockingly, all MU victories. 11/21/08 JSwarriors08
We'll never forget you, Bazz A play off the Wisconsin favorite dismissal of Brett Favre and Bret Beliama (We won't forget you Bart, We won't forget you Bert). This popped up in the wake of Buzz Williams departure in conjunction with a somewhat unflattering picture. This meme even trended on twitter for a short time 3/24/14 Benny B
Catholic 7 Gather around kids, once upon a time there were things such as conferences where rivalry and loyalty mattered, but then came the concept of conference realignment(also known as the giant money grab). In 2012, the conference realignment forced by football money impacted Marquette with the disbandment of the Big East as it was at the time(Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville leaving), forcing some decisions to be made. As the initial dust started to settle, it became apparent that one path to survival was to form a basketball only league with the 7 basketball only schools remaining in the Big East. These 7 schools also happened to be private Catholic schools. So Catholic 7 became a meme when referring to this core group sailing the basketball ship on the conference realignment sea. 12/4/12 Aughnanure
Hiroshima A meme born of a discussion around changing standards for Marquette basketball. During the Williams vs. Williams era, people with “sources” indicated that there were major changes coming and if people found out about them the board would be Hiroshima. To date, Hiroshima was never sighted but that only fed the meme making it one of the strongest in Scoop history 4/17/12 Ners
SMU17 Perhaps the first fake poster meme for Scoop. This poster popped up in the middle of an epic thread debating whether Buzz Williams was honestly considering leaving for SMU in 2012 and what issues Larry Williams as AD was responsible for. The poster showed up claiming to have intimate knowledge of Buzz talking to SMU and negotiating a buy out. The poster was met with the usual revulsion, but cemented his place in Scoop history, as he is invoked every time a random poster shows up talking about outside forces at work with MU 3/20/12 SMU17
KState Scrimmage One of the weirder memes, this one was based on the belief of one or two posters that scrimmage results against Kansas State(that no one saw) impacted the seeding for Marquette in 2012. Dismissed by all but one, the meme nevertheless took off and is used repetitively. 10/17/12 Kenoshawarrior
Legendary coach This is yet another meme that resulted from Chicos saying something and 68.2% of Scoop mocking him in a reactionary way. In the run-up to the 2009 NCAA tournament, with MU facing a match-up against Utah State, Chicos took to Scoop to warn MU of the threat USU posed. As part of that warning, he casually mentioned Stew Morril, HC of USU, as legen….wait for it…..dary. And things got weird from there. Anyway, now any time a strong coach is mentioned, especially by Chicos, it is assumed that they are legen….wait for it….dary 3/15/09 ChicosBailBonds;all
Can’t recruit/teach bigs This has been a universal truth among MU fans for time immemorial. Essentially it goes that whatever coach du jur at MU he can't recruit and/or teach a big. Apparently there is a big man repellant on campus preventing such players from attending or being developed by the team. Any failure by the team can be traced to this issue….or the fact that it's a guards game and MU can't do that either. Go Figure unknown half the board nearly all threads
Guards game An oft repeated mantra of ChicosBailBonds, this meme gets almost the exact amount of run as the can't recruit/teach bigs meme, but at the opposite time….weird. Simultaneously used as a reason for a lack of MU success and why recruiting bigs isn't important, it is an oldie but a goodie. 11/22/06 ChicosBailBonds
Traditional One of Scoops most prolific posters(and sometimes polarizing) ChicosBailBonds started a thread praising Josh Gasser, a sharpshooting player for the hated Badgers. As the conversation evolved he described Gasser as “traditional” and other posters decided that was code for Caucasian. As a result, the word traditional was hijacked to refer to any Caucasian, well, ever. And so was born the running racial meme on Scoop 11/14/10 ChicosBailBonds
Slurpers Used occasionally prior to 2013, a term for one who is all in on a particular point of view potentially to the exclusion of all other evidence. Gained main stream appeal on Scoop in 2013 when used to describe derogatorily those who supported then Coach Buzz Williams position on just about anything. 12/7/13 Willie Warrior
Turning into St Louis Much like Marty McFly to 1955, there seems to be some sort of temporal connection to the longest thread in Scoop history. As part of the Buzz to SMU thread, someone(there is a lot to dig through) accused the MU administration of wanting to remake Marquette in the St Louis University “model”(whatever that is). Needless to say, a meme was started to be used anytime anything was done by MU admin that even one person would disagree with ever, forever. So if someone says on Scoop “we're turning into St Louis” they probably don't like the move…..and they're funny. 3/21/12 A lot of posters
Peed down the leg This was the evaluation that MU fan favorite, Jae Crowder, provided as describing MU's performance against North Carolina Tar Heels. Seems to have resonated with the MU crowd for an occasional meme. 3/12/11 Jae Crowder Couldn't find it
AD hat selection One of the first Larry Williams memes, this originated when he dared to wear a well worn MU hat while on the USS Yorktown for the cancelled carrier classic. It spawned it's own thread, and of course became it's own thing 11/9/12 DJO's Pump Fake
Can’t win on national tv or w/ baby blues I can't find any origin history on this meme but it relatively ubiquitous for MU fans. Per the legend, the team can't win when on national tv or when wearing the baby blue unis. God help them if both are happening at the same time. There have been a large number big wins and losses on national tv to make this not true, but never let reality stand in the way of a good meme pre-Scoop unknown nearly all threads
Sunshine pumper Derogatory term for anyone on Scoop whom were content with MU direction under Buzz Williams, Larry Williams, and Father Pilarz. See also, Slurpers 5/5/12 madtownwarrior or willie warrior
Spanish O’Donnells are lame The Spanish O'Donnell's were a singing group put together at MU that had a smidgeon of success at MU during their time and were backed by Joe Fulce. They published a pro-MU basketball music video that was met with, let's just say, less than warm regards on Scoop. Eventually it degraded to an argument over whether the Spanish O'Donnell's were lame or not and if so, just how lame they really were. Still don't know the answer 3/23/10 PTM
Website construction A classic summer Scoop meme. After the Big East launched in it's new brand and new organization, there appeared to some, to be a lack of activity around making the league visible on the web. This included the lack of a website. This sparked a huge debate(by summer standards) of what exactly the commissioner should or should not be doing about website script writing and if furniture was a priority. It's as much fun as it sounds. 7/31/13 A lot of posters
Students suck This one is simple, every MU alum believes they were part of the best student section Marquette ever had and all students since suck. The current students are always under scrutiny of the alumni who “did it better”. Will likely continue for time immemorial pre-Scoop A lot of posters nearly all threads
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