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Peace Madness is based off of three simple human emotions.

1.) Wanting to achieve an altered state through consumption of alcohol.
2.) Taking great pleasure in the suffering of others (what the Germans call “Schadenfreude”)
3.) Revenge.

In Peace Madness, the players sit around a table, and are dealt cards face down.
The dealer calls out a suit (“Clubs”) and the player to the dealer's left flips over the top card. If the card flipped over is a suit other than clubs (or whatever the dealer called), then it passes to the next player. The first player who flips a club has to drink to a count of whatever the card is. (Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13 Ace =14).
Here, let's say it's an eight of clubs, so a count of 8.
However, a count of 8 does not mean 8 seconds. Each member of the game counts off a number at their own chosen pace (except for the drinker, who must continue drinking). Counts are frequently subject to spite and counts read off “1…2…3…………………………..4….5……” Players tend to remember who screwed them over with a long count, and often return the favor, starting an endless cycle of revenge.
Before the drinker puts his cup/can down on the table again, he must call off a new suit. If he fails to do this, he must repeat the count that he just finished.

IF THE DRINKER FINISHES HIS DRINK BEFORE THE COUNT IS DONE. One added rule includes having a counter who is stalling with the count get a taste of his own medicine as the remainder of the count continues to fulfillment, but for the new drinker.

If this rule is applied, the initial drinker must inform the table if his can is less than half full at the start of the drink. For example, if a King is turned over, and the staller is holding on 6, and the drinker finishes before he says “6”, then the staller must drink with the same rules (like calling suits, etc.) from 6 to 13.

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