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Hockey is a drinking card game commonly played by Marquette students. This game can be played by 4, 6, 8, 10…etc players. Players are split into two teams in which every other player is on the same team. Cards are dealt evenly out to all players. Whichever player has the two of clubs leads first, although the two of clubs doesn't have to be played first. The object of the game is to score by laying the same card as the person before you (ie- if the person before you lays the 10 of diamonds; the 10 of clubs, spades, or hearts can be played to score a point). Some people play different cards as “blocks”, which cannot be scored upon, but the most common “blocks” are eights and jacks. All players play their cards until a player can no longer play; which is called a period. The game is made up of three periods, hence the hockey reference. Cheating by looking at other player's cards, signaling to teammates, or kicking people under the table is common.

Drinking comes into play in a couple different ways: when a team scores, the opposing team has to drink and the team that scored tells the opposing team when to stop. At the end of each period, the teams that lost that period also has to drink, which the winning team once again telling the losing team when to drink. At the end of the game, the scores of all three periods are added up, and the losing team has to drink in the same fashion as the previous times.

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