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Players in the Pros and Semi-Pros

Player Years at MU Teams
Jeremiah Bass 1997-2000
Bryan Ciesiulka 2010-2013
Paul Dillon 2010-2013
Sebastian Jansson 2011-2014
Patrick Kelly 2009-2011
Hayden Knight 1977-1979
Charlie Lyon 2010-2014
Calum Mallace 2008-2011
Donny Mark 1997-1998
Coco Navarro 2013-2014
Steve Provan 1989-1992
Matt Pyzdrowski 2006-2009
Axel Sjoberg 2011-2014
Nate Winkel 1998-1999

Players who Committed But Did Not Play for MU

Other Marquette Soccer Connections

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