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Steve "The Homer" True

Steve True (born November 13, 1954) , better known as Steve “The Homer” True, is an American sportscaster from South Bend, Indiana. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Arizona and Indiana University South Bend. His father was a professor at the University of Notre Dame for a period before becoming a professional speaker, which he did for 40 years, where he was known as “The World's Greatest Edutainer”.

Steve True was an on-air personality with numerous radio stations, WIXK, WIBA[disambiguation needed], WTDY, and finally WISN. True made his name in Milwaukee on 1130 WISN from 1989-2005 hosting the evening sports talk show. It was originally weeknights from 6-7PM but True's style and nature made the ratings climb sharply leading to a expanded two hour weekday format from 6-8 PM. It was at WISN where True got the name “the Homer”. He's a homer, “but not an idiot,” as he puts it. It was also at WISN where True became a Milwaukee radio power. His radio shows added a fresh perspective for listeners and a guest list that rivaled other radio station powerhouses. His strength in the business gave producers and guests opportunities to gain their own shows and promotions due to True's ability to include everybody on his staff in almost every show.

True was an sports anchor on Milwaukee's WISN-TV's Channel 12 5 PM News where he was given an Emmy award for his work. He also hosted The World's Greatest Sports Talk Show on WISN 1130 AM. Starting on September 27, 2005, True became the host of a new version of the World's Greatest Sports Talk Show on WAUK, which is now known as ESPN 540.

Marquette Affiliation

In addition to having the top ranked sports show in Wisconsin, True is also the play-by-play voice for Marquette University's Men's Basketball team. Currently, he's play-by-play announcer teammate is former Marquette standout Jim McIlvaine, who replaced another MU standout George Thompson. Thompson had been Marquette's color man for 27 seasons.

He is also the host of “The Marquette Basketball Hour with Buzz Williams” on ESPN 540 AM. True was also the host of “The Tom Crean Show” from 1999 to 2007.

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