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Rickey's on State

Rickey's On State is a strip club/bar located Northwest of Marquette's campus near 26th and State in Milwaukee. Rickey's On State was recently named the worst strip club in America in a Maxim Magazine poll.

On my one and only (very brief) visit to Rickey's, I saw a cocktail waitress that had to be at least 7 months pregnant. That was enough for me……8-o

Hey, Hey, Hey

Every hour the manager, Paulie, would ring a bell and yell out “Hey, Hey, Hey, for the next five minutes all drinks are 2 for the price of one on everything EXCEPT beer!”. Mixed drinks were pretty expensive and very small (like 8 ounces). The trick was to buy 4 (for the price of 2) mixed drinks every hour and pace yourself so that they lasted until Paulie rang the bell again. They weren't too happy with people who sat at the bar without a drink, so if you drank too fast you got stuck buying small watered down drinks at way high regular prices.

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