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The Gym Bar

The Gym Bar is the bar that will cause the most confusion when talking to a Marquette alum. Though it no longer exists, when you mention its name, there's a possibility that you'll get directed to two of the current bars on Campus.

The Gym Bar opened in 19?? at 1613 West Wells St, the current location of Murphy's Irish Pub. In 1993, it moved to first floor of the Ardmore building at 717 North 16th St, which used to house the Ardmore Bar. Finally, in 1998 the Gym Bar closed for good.

With the prime location to campus however, the location didn't stay idle long. It was replaced by Big Shot's in late 1998, which lasted until 2000. Caffrey's bar which opened in late august 2001 has carried on the tradition of this drinking establishment.

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Gym Bar ad circa 1992

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