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The Ardmore Bar

The original bar located 717 North 16th St. After closing in ????, Used to be able to buy a ceramic beer stein, which they would number with a sharpie on the bottom and put on a hook on the ceiling. You'd come in and ask for your mug by number. Also served a concoction in the late 70's called The Vulcan Mind Probe. The Gym Bar took over the location for ?? years. Now Caffrey's Pub operates out of this location. The Ardmore, which during the 80's had a decor remarkably similar to that of Grand Avenue Mall just a few blocks east on Wisconsin Avenue, was where the weekend would start. Wednesday night was Import night, where every imported beer in the place was $1. On Wednesday's Import Night, the Ardmore also had an “Around the World Club”. Each import beer was listed on a trifold brochure, and would be stamped by the bartender when ordered.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Popularly known as “the Engineer Bar” for many years. Also set the record for jukebox playing of “Chicago” by Frank Sinatra, which was always a highlight late in the evening. —The Night Owl

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