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Louisville Hands MU Their First Loss of the Season

After beating St. Thomas College of Minnesota, 69-49, in the season opener, the Warriors bowed to the Louisville Cardinals, 73-60, at the Milwaukee Arena on December 5th.

Marquette, using coach Al McGuire's slow, deliberate “free lance” style of basketball, baffled Louisville in the first half; the Warriors held the Cardinals to a 29-29 tie at halftime. The Warriors held the ball until they could shoot from near the basket and also controlled the rebounds. In the second half, the Cardinals made 65% of their field goal attempts. this effectively countered the Warriors' rebounding strength.

The performance by junior forward Tom Flynn was one of few encouragements for Marquette. Flynn scored 28 points and took 11 rebounds. Coach McGuire said, “the boys played a fine game but lost the ball too many times… The defense was good, but the offense has to improve.”

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