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Marquette Basketball in the Pros


Drafted And Played In The NBA


Player Year Drafted Team Round Overall Pick
Jae Crowder 2012 Dallas Mavericks 2nd 34
Darius Johnson-Odom* 2012 Los Angeles Lakers 2nd 55
Jimmy Butler 2011 Chicago Bulls 1st 30
Lazar Hayward 2010 Washington Wizards 1st 30
Steve Novak 2006 Houston Rockets 2nd 32
Travis Diener 2005 Orlando Magic 2nd 38
Dwyane Wade 2003 Miami Heat 1st 5
Chris Crawford 1997 Atlanta Hawks 2nd 51
Amal McCaskill 1996 Orlando Magic 2nd 49
Jim McIlvaine 1994 Washington Bullets 2nd 32
Tony Smith 1990 Los Angeles Lakers 2nd 51
Glenn "Doc" Rivers 1983 Atlanta Hawks 2nd 31
Michael Wilson 1982 Cleveland Cavaliers 3rd 47
Sam Worthen 1980 Chicago Bulls 2nd 26
Bernard Toone 1979 Philadelphia 76ers 2nd 37
Butch Lee 1978 Atlanta Hawks 1st 10
Jerome Whitehead 1978 Buffalo Braves 2nd 41
Maurice (Bo) Ellis 1977 Denver Nuggets 1st 17
Earl Tatum 1976 Los Angeles Lakers 2nd 21
Lloyd Walton 1976 Milwaukee Bucks 3rd 40
Maurice Lucas 1974 Chicago Bulls 1st 14
Jim Chones 1973 Los Angeles Lakers 2nd 31
Allie McGuire 1973 New York Knicks 3rd 49
Larry McNeill 1973 Kansas City Kings 2nd 25
Dean Meminger 1971 New York Knicks 1st 16
Joe Thomas 1970 Phoenix Suns 6th 95
George Thompson 1969 Boston Celtics 5th 66
Don Kojis 1961 Chicago Bulls 2nd 21
Walt Mangham 1960 New York Knicks 10th 72
Gene Berce 1948 New York Knicks N/A N/A
Prior to National Basketball League / Basketball Association of America Merger
Bill Downey N/A Providence Steam Rollers (BAA) N/A N/A
Ralph Amsden N/A Sheboygan Red Skins (NBL) N/A N/A
Dave Quabius N/A Sheboygan Red Skins (NBL) N/A N/A
Glenn Adams N/A Sheboygan Red Skins (NBL) N/A N/A
Ed Mullen N/A Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL) N/A N/A

* Have yet to play a game

Drafted But Did Not Play In NBA

Player Year Drafted Team Round Overall Pick
David Boone 1987 Denver Nuggets 4th 77
Walter Downing 1985 Los Angeles Lakers 6th 138
Marc Marotta 1984 New York Knicks 9th 201
Terrell Schlundt 1983 Dallas Mavericks 7th 148
Dean Marquardt 1982 Detriot Pistons 6th 147
Brian Nyenhuis 1982 Detroit Pistons 7th 170
Artie Green 1981 Milwaukee Bucks 10th 225
Oliver Lee 1981 Chicago Bulls 4th 84
Robert Byrd 1980 Philadelphia 76ers 7th 142
Odell Ball 1979 Denver Nuggets 6th 122
Jim Boylan 1978 Buffalo Braves 4th 68
Ulice Payne 1978 Detroit Pistons 9th 174
Gary Rosenberger 1978 Milwaukee Bucks 9th 182
Jerry Homan 1975 New York Knicks 8th 134
Marcus Washington 1974 Houston Rockets 10th 166
Bob Lackey 1972 Atlanta Hawks 5th 71
Gary Brell 1971 Milwaukee Bucks 3rd 51
Ric Cobb 1970 Phoenix Suns 12th 190
Jeff Sewell 1970 San Francisco Warriors 8th 121
Brad Luchini 1968 Milwaukee Bucks 11th 146
Brian Brunkhorst 1968 New York Knicks 6th 72
Bob Wolf 1967 Chicago Bulls 7th 70
Dave Erickson 1963 Detroit Pistons 4th 31
Walt Mangham 1960 New York Knicks 10th 72
Terry Rand 1956 Minneapolis Lakers N/A N/A

Not Drafted But Played In the NBA

Player Debut Team Debut Season
Vander Blue Boston Celtics 2013-2014
Dwight Buycks Toronto Raptors 2013-2014
Jerel McNeal New Orleans Hornets 2010-2011
Wesley Matthews Utah Jazz 2009-2010
Tom Copa San Antonio Spurs 1991-1992


Drafted And Played In The ABA


Player Year Drafted Team Round Overall Pick
Maurice Lucas 1973 Carolina Cougars 1st
George Thompson 1972 Memphis Pros 1st
Bob Lackey 1972 New York Nets 3rd
Jim Chones 1972 New York Nets 1st
George Thompson 1969 Minnesota Pipers 2nd
Brian Brunkhorst 1968 Los Angeles Stars 12th

Drafted But Did Not Play In The ABA

Player Year Drafted Team Round Overall Pick
Marcus Washington 1974 Carolina Cougars 9th
Allie McGuire 1973 Virginia Squires 2nd
Gary Brell 1971 Denver Rockets 12th
Dean Meminger 1971 Indiana Pacers 7th
Jeff Sewell 1971 Indiana Pacers 15th
Bob Wolf 1967 New York Nets 5th


Drafted And Played In The CBA

Due to the spotty records of the CBA, draft results are only available from 1983-2002 and again in 2005

Player Year Team Round Overall Pick
Robert Jackson 2003 Rockford Lightning 5th
Chris Crawford 1997 Grand Rapids 3rd
Amal McCaskill 1996 Florida 3rd
Damon Key 1994 Shreveport Crawdads 1st
Jim McIlvaine 1994 Rapid City Thrillers 4th
Ron Curry 1993 Rapid City Thrillers 6th
Michael Flory 1989 Pensacola Tornadoes 8th
Tom Copa 1987 Topeka Sizzlers 4th

Not Drafted But Played In CBA

Player Team
Brian Wardle Rockford Lightning
John Mueller Rockford Lightning
Roney Eford Albany Patroons
Cordell Henry Rockford Lightning
Jarrod Lovette LaCross CatBirds
Terry Sanders Rockford Lightning


Drafted And Played In The NBADL


Player Year Team Round Overall Pick
Maurice Acker 2010 Bakersfield Jam 8th 117th
Scott Merritt 2004 Columbus Riverdragons 5th 25th
Greg Clausen 2002 Columbus Riverdragons 4th 30th
Brian Wardle 2001 Fayetteville Patriots 3rd 17th

NBA Team Sent To The NBADL

Player Year Team
Steve Novak 2007 Rio Grande Valley Vipers

Not Drafted But Played In NBADL

Player Year Team
Jerel McNeal 2010 Rio Grande Valley Vipers
Jerel McNeal 2012 Bakersfield Jam
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