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Marquette Men's Basketball Awards Banquet

2009 Awards Banquet

The Marquette University men's basketball program recognized the accomplishments of the 2008-09 squad at the team's annual postseason banquet.

Nearly 600 people attended the standing-room-only event, which included an awards presentation, highlight video and comments from head coach Buzz Williams.

Seven different players claimed the 11 awards handed out during the evening. Seniors Dominic James, Wesley Matthews and Jerel McNeal each garnered a pair of accolades, as did junior Lazar Hayward.

2010 Awards Banquet

Over 500 people attended the Marquette University men's basketball team banquet at the Al McGuire Center, honoring the accomplishments of the 2009-10 squad in a new “awards show” format.

Following a social period allowing fans the ability to interact with all of the players and coaches, including the opportunity for autographs and photos, the group gathered to view the season highlight video and awards presentation.

Steve “The Homer” True, the radio voice of the Golden Eagles, served as the evening's host. Each award had a presenter, three nominees and a winner. A number of the accolades had video highlights to support each of the players nominated.

The evening concluded with remarks from head coach Buzz Williams.


Most Valuable Performer Award

2009-2010 - Lazar Hayward
2008-2009 - Jerel McNeal
2006-2007 - Jerel McNeal

Hank Raymonds Sportsmanship Award

2009-2010 - Junior Cadougan
2008-2009 - David Cubillan
2007-2008 - Ousmane Barro

Dwyane Wade Legacy of Leadership Award

2009-2010 - David Cubillan
2008-2009 - Dominic James

"Rebounding Effort" Award

2009-2010 - Lazar Hayward
2008-2009 - Lazar Hayward

Chairman of the Boards Award

2007-2008 - Lazar Hayward
2006-2007 - Ousmane Barro

"Create for Others" Award

2009-2010 - Maurice Acker
2008-2009 - Dominic James

Most Assists Award

2007-2008 - Dominic James
2006-2007 - Dominic James

Sixth Man Of The Year Award

2009-2010 - Dwight Buycks

Marquette "Super Sub" Award

2008-2009 - Jimmy Butler
2007-2008 - Maurice Acker
2006-2007 - David Cubillan

Most Improved Player

2009-2010 - Jimmy Butler
2008-2009 - Wesley Matthews
2007-2008 - Lazar Hayward
2006-2007 - Ousmane Barro \ Dan Fitzgerald \ Lazar Hayward

Standard of Excellence Student-Athlete Award

2009-2010 - Robert Frozena

Bart Miller Standard of Excellence Student-Athlete Award

2008-2009 - Dwight Burke
2007-2008 - Dwight Burke / Tommy Brice
2006-2007 - Dominic James

Wesley Matthews "Just Today" Award

2009-2010 - David Cubillian

Olouma Nnamaka "Just Today" Award

2008-2009 - Lazar Hayward

Olouma Nnamaka Consistency Award

2007-2008 - Jerel McNeal
2006-2007 - Wesley Matthews

Golden Eagle "Everyday Tough" Award

2009-2010 - Lazar Hayward

Golden Eagle Toughness Award

2008-2009 - Jerel McNeal

"White Line Committed" Defensive Player of the Year Award

2008-2009 - Wesley Matthews

Free Throw Proficiency Award

2007-2008 - Wesley Matthews
2006-2007 - Wesley Matthews

Hit the Deck Award

2007-2008 - Dan Fitzgerald

Floor Burn Award

2007-2008 - David Cubillan
2006-2007 - Wesley Matthews

Defensive Player of the Year

2009-2010 - Darius Johnson-Odom

Deflection King

2007-2008 - Jerel McNeal
2006-2007 - Jerel McNeal

Most Charges

2006-2007 - Jerel McNeal

"WDYL?-1%" Award

2009-2010 - Joseph Fulce

Best Choreography in a Leading Role

2009-2010 - Buzz Williams (Walk it Out)

Best Performance in a Supporting Role

2009-2010 - Pat Idstein (Manager)

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