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Marquette's All-Americans

Player All-American Season(s) Organization
1 Ed Mullen 1933-34 Chuck Taylor Converse
2 Dave Quabius 1938-39 Chuck Taylor Converse
3 Terry Rand 1955-56 All-Catholic
4 Don Kojis 1959-60 Catholic Digest
1960-61 Chuck Taylor Converse; Catholic Digest
5 George Thompson 1968-69 Chuck Taylor Converse
6 Dean Meminger 1969-70 Chuck Taylor Converse; NEA
1970-71 Associated Press; Converse; Helms; NABC; NEA; Sporting News; UPI; USBWA
7 Jim Chones 1971-72 Associated Press; Converse; UPI
8 Bob Lackey 1971-72 Helms
9 Maurice Lucas 1973-74 Converse (2nd Team)
10 Maurice (Bo) Ellis 1974-75 Independent; Converse (2nd Team)
1976-77 Converse; Basketball Weekly; Associated Press (2nd Team)
11 Lloyd Walton 1974-75 Independent
1975-76 Independent; Basketball Weekly (2nd Team)
12 Earl Tatum 1975-76 Associated Press; Basketball Weekly; Helms; Independent; UPI; USBWA; Converse (2nd Team)
13 Butch Lee 1976-77 Basketball Weekly; Converse; Associated Press (2nd Team)
1977-78 Associated Press; Basketball Weekly; Citizen Savings; Converse; NABC; Sporting News; UPI; USBWA
14 Jerome Whitehead 1977-78 Converse; NABC
15 Sam Worthen 1978-79 Basketball Weekly (2nd Team)
1979-80 Medalist; Playboy; Sport; USBWA; Basketball Weekly (2nd Team); UPI (3rd Team)
16 Glenn "Doc" Rivers 1981-82 Converse
1982-83 API; UPI (Honorable Mention)
17 Tony Smith 1989-90 Basketball Weekly; Sporting News; UPI; Associated Press (Honorable Mention)
18 Tony Miller 1991-92 Basketball Weekly, All-Freshman Team (5th Team)
19 Roney Eford 1992-93 Basketball Weekly, All-Freshman Team (5th Team)
20 Jim McIlvaine 1993-94 Associated Press (Honorable Mention)
21 Dwyane Wade 2001-02 Associated Press (Honorable Mention)
2002-03 Associated Press; Sporting News; USBWA; Basketball Times;;; CNNSI/com (1st Team)
22 Travis Diener 2004-05 Associated Press (Honorable Mention)
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