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Marquette's Bars / Eateries

lanche.jpg Over the years, Marquette has had its share of bars around campus. Few have been mainstays, some have come and gone, and nearly all have changed ownership/names over the years. This is the spot you'll find some history that Marquette might not ever teach you.

Bradley Center area bars

Just because MU fans are lucky enough to have beer sales in the Bradley Center during games, doesn't mean that you can't go out for a few before and after the games. The area around the Bradley Center has some great bars, both sports-themed and good, old-fashioned watering holes.

Water Street

Where the beer flows, and the undergrad goes….

The Rest

Marquette friendly bars in other cities

Just link the city name here, with a list of the MU friendly bars (& addresses) on the city page.

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